Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NASA Satellite Images Show Gulf Oil Spill Size Larger Than Florida

Social networking may turn out to be the first line of defense against public relations spin by providing real time gathering of data on the massive river of oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico from the Transocean/Deepwater Horizon well explosion. Maps generated by satellite and "predictions" are only so valuable. One of the tenets of remote sensing is that "ground truthing" be a mandatory part of the equation. Truth is the operative word here as Gulf Coast residents face an unprecedented environmental disaster.

It’s been a bit of a revelation for Redhand about the extent in which the flow of information is so controlled and this has clearly been illustrated by the way in which the Mexican Gulf Oil Spill information flow has in lots of ways dried up. There are no new videos, or images for the last three days and those that are up there are very difficult to upload or do not connect at all. The ones that are getting through are either company or government issued or driven. This major news item seems to have dropped out of the major media outlets view.

It’s not just Redhand, many people all over the world are currently complaining about the lack of information flow and the validity of the trickle that is getting through about this spill. Even twitter has slowed to a tweet, every now and again. Research on this issue confirms that the free flow of information on the internet is manipulated and controlled over the years by corporations and governments and they are getting far more efficient at it. Printing press, radio, and television all started with free flow, but then became one way medias, in the hands of a few.

We can not allow ourselves to be thrown off track by these distracters who have hijacked our debates. These information hijackers are terrorists--I call them, information terrorists that are taking the reigns of our media, spreading their propaganda, refusing people’s access to real life truth, demeaning our freedom of speech and limiting our abilities to respond to issues in an informed way?

Redhand has experienced this first hand with the complete cover up of the Broome Dinosaur trackways blog and the Australian National Heritage Commission’s complete denial of the world significance of this 200 kms site. Only the local media picked up this story and it really went nowhere. Normally, stories of this nature would attract international and national coverage.

It does not matter if it is ordinary citizens who are inputting real-time photos and testimony in order for the general public to have the opportunity to experience first hand what is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico and along its shores, if their flows of information have been cut and they are locked out.

Following is a comment on another blog
Alexander Higgins says:
May 4, 2010 at 12:43 am

Seriously…. Where is all of the silt in the prior satellite photos? There are loads of them on this site and that “silt” only seems to surround the spill.
For example, is the satellite image from 4/26… no “silt”.
Prior to the incident, 4/16 and again no “silt”.
Also: updated article and added the ABC map, which is very close to what I have outlined with the exception that the ABC map does not go as far south.
And what the news is reporting is closer to what BP/Big Brother is telling them which has been proven to be a lie several times in this debacle. Even CNN’s latest map shows the spill decreased in size since yesterday, which happens to coincide with a FALSE BP report that they were successful in a partial sealing of the rig.
CNN Data shows oil spill on May 2, which is much larger than what they show for May 3rd.
But here is CNN’s graph for May 3rd. How did this happen? BP mistakenly released a false statement they were successful in partially sealing off the well. Just coincidence?
Regardless, the graph does not match ABC’s. Further most organizations are reporting data that is days old and even that is from Government sources. SkyTruth has already called out government sources twice. Remember when it was only 1,000 barrels a day? If it wasn’t for SkyTruth, CNN and every other media outlet would be reporting much lower figures.
Listen to the news, heh? CNN or ABC or who?? Or just look at the satellite images and see for myself. Hum?

NASA Satellite Images Show Gulf Oil Spill Size Larger Than Florida

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    DRILL....never mind.

    Once again, We Dah Peepil have been forced to face an ugly reality head on. Once again we are confronted by a situation so horrific, we ignore its implications at our own peril. And once again it appears that many of us will continue to turn a blind eye toward the obvious: Our dependence on oil - foreign and domestic - will prove to be our undoing if we don't get to work immediately and try to develop alternative sources of fuel. What the hell is it with our abhorrence of common sense? What we have here is black comedy at its strangest. Someone remarked this morning of the gulf, "It smells like a gas station now." Fill 'er up? Forty years ago, the Cayahuga, the river which makes its way through Cleveland, Ohio, became so polluted it caught fire. Could this happen in the Gulf of Mexico? Stay tuned.

    Seriously, sometimes I get the feeling that I'm living in a world whose scenario was scripted by Paddy Chayefsky. These really are the weirdest of times, are they not?

    Tom Degan