Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kimberley Land Council WAKE UP

Whilst, redhand is in Africa, thought it would be a good idea to show the supporters of the proposed oil & gas at James Price Point, what their indigenous brothers & sisters are suffering under the very same companies that Kimberley Land Council wish to do deals with. They all have full time employment, its called survival.


  1. OH MY us from this evil..keep us awake and vigilant...hands off country. TKS John Kennedy,etc

  2. know that the citizens of Oregon, USA sucessfully stopped an lng processing plant. It has and can be done.

  3. It is obvious that KLC agenda is aiming at selling off the Kimberley land. They do it by dividing Aboriginal people and partitioning the Aboriginal land under disguise of the Native Tile. You are doing well removing us from our land. Look what you and your Balangarra have done to Oombulgarri. The Native Title supposed to keep people on their land and you are telling us to get out of it. Well done. So many Aboriginal people have already said: “We been better off before you gave us the Native Title!”
    KLC stay away of our land!