Saturday, May 1, 2010


If Woodside Petroleum chief Don Voelte had had any personal or professional experience or consequence with the Exxon Valdez (Prince William Sound) spill or the Montara blowout or the current catastrophe playing itself in the Gulf Coast, he could never be so ignorant in his arrogance.

It really would not take that much to blow the wind out of Mr Voelte’s sales: an unseasonable weather event, a tanker explosion, a leaking pipe or hundreds of his company’s workers all starting to drop dead because they are being exposed to such high levels of unmonitored and unacceptable levels of toxic emissions. There are thousands of possible variables that would really put all the meanings of slam (bang crash smash thump), into Mr Voltel's expression Slam Dunk.7

There are major concerns for all the people and their communities living along the Gulf Coast because even after 20 years, the Prince William Sound is still experiencing subsurface oil all over their environment, not to mention trying to manage the social, economic and community health impacts that still haunts. Even after their seventeen years of a hard fought court battle, these local residents (plaintiffs) received 5 cents to the dollar that was awarded by a jury.

Are those working on the Gulf spill aware that this stuff is very toxic to human health? Redhanded wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people standing up to assist in the clean up operations underway in the Gulf Coast (impossible task) are not trained and will not be wearing or provided with respirators. Unfortunately, this health effects toll will guarantee ongoing rotations of lots of high paying jobs.

The facts are that as long as we: tie ourselves to fossil fuels, trust multinationals with their fallible technologies and weak counterbalance responses, or rely on lead by their nose feeble governments, we will continue to have these total economic, social and environmental tragedies.

We need to manage our responsibilities with solid visionary leadership based on the principles for the real overall well-being of the planet and for the real benefit of all occupants of this planet and not for the profit of a few, who are addicted to the selfish greed conscious that is founded on the theory at any cost.

Bits of signed paper does nothing to stop oil spills or gas blowouts and it does not matter what type of strategic preparedness you have in place or the mitigating management plans nothing can beat the first cold light of reality.

The Oil and Gas industries are very toxic both to the environment and the people that live in that shared environment. It does not matter whether it’s a tanker spill, a gas blow out, a platform spill, or the everyday oil leak from one of the millions of vehicles people drive that finds its way into the ocean and or the groundwater aquifer system that we are totally reliant on.

All the major multinational companies are interlinked and internet-connected for controlled propaganda purposes, and for the overall manipulating of the masses with their chosen selected half truths. Whether its oil or gas, media or even war marauding, they all sit on each other Boards of Management and share their shares. Multinationals companies, their shareholders and all their workers are all pushing for energy development with fossil fuels and in all truth are all it in for the money.

Redhanded is very sorry for the people who have lost their loved ones, those who have lost their special places that they truly loved, that sustained them, their communities, and all the hopes they held for their children's futures.

We will challenge the Don Voletes of the world, their old fashion and highly limited mentality, their inadequate and totally inappropriate visions of complete depletion of our planet and its precious resources, for the sake of the greedy. The price is too high and James will not be paying.
“slam dunk”

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