Friday, October 1, 2010

Go ahead given for clearing at gas hub site

The Broome Shire has approved Woodside's application to clear vegetation and drill for water at James Price Point.

The company will house up to 25 workers at the proposed gas hub site while they investigate the availability of reliable groundwater supplies for the planned hub.

More than 150 concerned Broome residents attended a Broome council meeting last night, including well known musician John Butler, to voice opposition to a gas hub planned for James Price Point.

Every seat was filled and concerned residents spilled into the corridors outside the meeting, which at one point was suspended for 15 minutes because of interjectors who were angry over Woodside's proposed gas precinct 60km north of the Kimberley town.

A petition with about 150 signatures, calling for a special meeting for the community to discuss gas plant, was presented to the council.

Much to the crowd's disgust, Broome councillors passed a planning application from the energy company to develop three drill pad sites, two 125m by 150m dams and temporary accommodation needed to carry out hydrological testing at the proposed site.

Under the planning application Woodside proposes to start its testing in the middle of this month and could take up to nine months to complete.

Residents shouted "shame" at the councillors and said "it is on, it is well and truly on" after the application was passed.


  1. So now the chickens from the last Council elections are coming home to roost. The people of Broome and the Dampier Peninsular deserve better representation than this. Instead of strong advocacy and commitment to community we have the sorry spectacle of a council that is little more than a poodle of the state Liberal party.

    Proper procedure, community consultation, transparency and cultural respect go out the window when these values conflict with the wishes of their bosses and mentors in Perth.

    Not good enough by a long shot. If council thinks that these tactics can bamboozle the people who know and love that country, they are sadly mistaken.

    Continue on this path councilors, and consign yourselves to the dustbin of history. It's game on alright!

  2. The KLC,Shire and Barnett are all a disgrace.Sack the bloody lot of them.

  3. Good news for some.

  4. This a a recurring theme that I've been seeing lately with a lot of shires around Austalia...