Friday, October 22, 2010

Legal action against gas hub land clearing

Legal proceedings have begun to stop Woodside Petroleum from clearing vegetation at James Price Point in Western Australia's Kimberley region as part of plans for a gas hub.

Meanwhile, the Broome Community have established a permanent Community Information Booth on the corner of Cape Leveque Road and Broome Highway. This Community Information Booth has proven to be an excellent avenue to get information out to the many people living on the Dampier Peninsula communities, tourists, locals, residents and other interested or concerned people.

A small crane has been placed on the corner of this intersection with a huge banner claiming DONT Industrialise the Kimberley and it is proving to be a real eye catcher. Many people are stopping to engage, sign petitions/postcards and collect an assortment of information provided at the Booth. It is really interesting place to spend some time and volunteers are always needed to ensure continually of this community initiative.

The feedback is that everyone is very happy that our Community now has a very visual centre point of resistance against the proposed development of the largest LNG precinct in the world to be build at the James Price Point.


  1. we'll be stopping by regular,how many sugars dearies?

  2. Awesome blog .. thanks for being there for us

  3. My god this big news... It's good to see the community coming together in support of the resistance against the proposed development.

    Good luck