Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The No Gas campaign might well be looking out to sea with attention focused on the Browse Basin and the proposal to build the world largest LNG Refinery at James Price Point when in all reality they are coming through the back door.

Australia’s Liquefied Natural Gas Limited is primed to scope the development of the Kimberley LNG project in North Western Australia after signing an agreement with compatriot Oil Basins. The signed a strategic alliance agreement to jointly investigate the LNG project in North Western Australia’s Canning basin. Currently, undertaking investigatory testing around Willara, in and around great Fitzroy River floodplians.

LNG Limited http://www.lnglimited.com.au/IRM/content/Home.html and Oil Basins Limited http://www.oilbasins.com.au/ have entered into a strategic alliance agreement to jointly investigate the development of an LNG project in northwestern Australia, to be known as the Kimberley LNG Project.

The proposed project will involve utilising the large potential resources of conventional and unconventional gas contained within Western Australia’s Canning Basin and the proposed LNG Refinery at James Price Point. Following it a video showing the effects of Hydraulic Fracturing on the environment but more importantly the effect this extracting method has on groundwater supplies. This is why these companies are interested in the Fitzroy River, they want and need the water.

What is worth a read because is helps explain why no marine park protection is being proposed for the Dampier Peninsula and the Buccaneer Archipelago. The State Government is leaving these prospective petroleum areas open for business.

Buru Enegy's existing tenements extend into King Sound. It's quite extraordinary that Eric Streitberg who heads up Buru Energy is Chairman for APPEA and is Chairman for the Marine Parks Reserves Authority, which is responsible for the planning and management of the proposed marine parks along the Kimberley coast. This situation is outrageous.

http://www.oilbasins.com.au/OBL ASX Announcement 18 February 2009 - Independent Assessment of Hydrocarbon Potential of Backreef Area & DR9.pdf


  1. Makes me wonder what is going on at the KLC,a couple of years ago all this was mentioned to me in a conversation with a KLC person?

  2. a couple of years ago i told someone from the klc that the poison cloud would give kids all sorts of cancers.the reply,"i'll make a note of it".