Monday, December 13, 2010

Government condemned for release of ‘half-baked’ Kimberley gas hub report

Monday 13 December 2010

Release timed to coincide with Chrismtas/New year holiday period

The Wilderness Society has condemned today’s release by the WA government of an incomplete and deeply flawed draft ‘Strategic Assessment Report’ (SAR) for the Premier’s proposed massive LNG plant at James Price Point near Broome. The draft SAR was jointly commissioned by the WA and Commonwealth Governments in 2008 through a formal ‘bilateral’ agreement between the two governments.


  1. Some good news,the weather radar shows moderate to heavy rain over JPP.Certainly heavy in town.Forecast for the next 7 days shows rain for Broome and JPP area.A low is seen to be drifting slowly southwest with central pressure dropping.Lovely.

  2. comment from Senator Siewert:


  4. So tell me Woodside CEO since you recognise that your company stuffed up with the Ieramugadu/Injibarndhi people (Roebourne) 'Cultural Rock Art' in Hearson Cove, when and what are you going to do about it...and Mr Barnett, when you and Woodside stuff up this part of the country what are you going to do if I get sick from the gas because of a leak and what do you propose I tell the future generation that we need to take care of, when they ask why did you let this happen? I'm sorry but we can't take care of you because Government owns your life and tell me, will you pay for my health bills that I will have and need to pay after visiting the doctor because of a gas leak or eaten food where some poison from the gas plant has leaked into the water and tell me, will you pay for my food that I won't be able to buy, will you pay my rent and will you help me when some stranger walks into my home looking for money or drugs that the fly in and outs workers bring into this community (as if we haven't got enough)will you be able to tell my family that, I died a natural death and it wasn't anything to do with the gas plant. You can't because you can't get anything right except the calculation in lining your pocket at the expense of Aboriginal/Broome people who are trying to fix and look after their own people which you failed to do.
    You look after the rich and forget the little people...and They don't matter! thats your motto! well news for you...I do matter, my mother did not bring me into this world only to have you and your greedy empire take it away by subjecting us to more drugs, gas, alcohol, domestic violence, sexual abuse and depression......suppose I build a tent out the back of your yard so that I can help my people make money...can't see that happening!!!!!!

  5. I can't believe it when I hear people complain about how Aboriginal people need to be more responsible or they can't look after themselves when, they don't look at the wider picture in the likes of Barnett 'compulsory aquiring' JPP. We do have those that are responsible and do want to improve their own people but their up against people who only worry about money and the likes of Barnett and his band of comedians' taking away those very rights....get it either help them or leave them alone to govern their own way...YOU CAN"T HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT....!

  6. Could be worse.
    Could be america.
    No Medicare.
    Look at Erin Brokovich.
    Also re drugs - FIFO workers get a piss test.