Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LNG Precinct Strategic Assessment Report (draft for public comment), released Monday 13 December.

The Browse LNG Precinct Strategic Assessment Report (draft for public comment), will be released on Monday 13 December.

Department of State Development invites members only of Browse LNG Precinct Stakeholder Reference Group the pre-release of the Strategic Assessment Report (draft for public comment) on Friday 10 December in Broome.

There will be two identical presentation sessions held on 10 December. Either 10 am – 11:30 am or 1 pm – 2:30 pm. The presentation session will be a chance for members of Browse LNG Precinct Stakeholder Reference Group to first to see the online comment system – ‘uEngage’ – in action! The system apparently will allow you to download sections of the document Browse LNG Precinct Stakeholder Reference Group. quickly and make your comments throughout the document.

Date Friday 10 December, 2010

Times 10 am – 11:30 am or 1 pm – 2:30 pm

Venue Mecure Hotel, Port Light Room, Weld Street Broome

Following is a flow of correspondence received today from the Department of State Development.

Thank you for the information pertaining to the release of the Browse LNG Strategic Assessment to the Stakeholders reference group on the 10th of Dec. However, I have a few inquires:

After a telephone conversation with yourself last month you informed me that the DSD will be conducting a three day Open Public Information Forums on the Strategic Assessment with the Community of Broome. Could you please advise when and where these forums will be taking place?

– when we spoke you made a very good point – that the idea of a forum for questions and answers on the document as it was released was not helpful as people had not had a chance to read it and digest it. I took that point on board – and consulted with others. We have now decided to have the open question and answer period in the new year after the public has had a chance to digest the material – but in plenty of time before the end of the public comment period.

Will other people from the community be invited/ or can they attend this above mentioned release?

The start of the Public Comment Period is officially Monday 13th December – but we wanted the opportunity to present the information to those members of the public who have been helpful during the process – prior to the official start. If there are specific people who you think would like to be there – who have not been invited - I would be delighted if you could provide their details to Barbara and she will officially invite them. Only people who have rsvp’d will be able to attend – so the official invitation process will manage that.

When and in what format will the Strategic Assessment be released to the public?

The Strategic Assessment Report will be available on the EPA and DSD’s website. It will also be available through the special portal we have contracted – which will make the submissions process much easier for everyone (if you chose to go through that process). We will have the SAR and Appendices also available on CD. There will be copies for viewing in Broome at the Shire and Library and the DSD office. We will have hard copies also available.

How long (number of weeks) will the Assessment be open for public comment?

The public comment period will be for 12 weeks. That is until Tuesday (because Monday is a public holiday) 8th March.

Could you please provide me with two hard copies of the completed report at the meeting on the 10th?

We anticipate providing a copy of at least the Executive Summary to each attendee on the day.

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