Thursday, December 30, 2010

Redhands reflections, Broome and James Price Point 2010

A pictorial view of Redhands’ travels along the coast and around Broome town this year. The word is finally spreading wider and the campaign grows. Outside of government and the judiciary much has been achieved this year

Redhanded took Hands off country to Agadir in Morocco for the International Whaling Commission Meeting 2010 with publicity material support from Kimberley Whales, Environs Kimberley and the Wilderness Society. A face to face with the then Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett placed the preservation of the Kimberley on the International agenda and the protection from industrialisation of the Dampier Peninsula coast at Walmadan, James Price Point, Price’s Point as an urgent priority for the Australian Federal Government.

The Broome Community NO GAS mob has gone from strength to strength, the Christmas message says it all. Save the Kimberley publishes ‘Kimberley at the Crossroads’ and launches in Sydney, see video below. Numerous Facebook pages have been established, while the media have opened their eyes and ears, finally. As to the community, to paraphrase Sandy Dann of Goolarri Radio, it’s time to get the splinters out of the bum and get off the fence.

“We must not do it.”

“They’re dreamin.”

“It’s not going to happen.”

Hands off country

Standing up for the planet

Ol' Man from the Bush from the album Saltwater Cowboy. The Pigram Brothers.
Hands off country. Jude


  1. That is a lot of work.Well done.

  2. Faaantastic! What a great clip, looking back over the past year. Alot of work has gone into putting this clip up for sure. Judes' song is sooo good! Thank you Red Hand, peace, love and respect to you, and to all who ..... stand up for the planet!

  3. Great presentation, thanks Red Hand! U r an inspiration to us all.

  4. Thanks Redhand & colleagues for all your efforts.
    Have a great New Year celebration tonight, & stay strong in 2011. There are many like me who wish it were possible to be in Country with you to help keep the machinery out. Unfortunately it can't be, so instead may our love & best wishes help to keep up your strength in the battle ahead. Don't hesitate to call on us if you feel there is anything we can do to help.

  5. Our new environment minister,Bill Marmion,off to a bad start.

  6. You would have to wonder what Queenslanders are really thinking.2010 the hottest year on record,lots of water vapour,everywhere.Queensland supplies half the worlds coking coal,lots of coal for other things,and are fraccing mad.They have had the most insane land clearing culture of almost anywhere on the planet.Now they can't figure out whats going on with the weather and these huge floods!Any sane person would be thinking "we had better change our ways".Haven't heard a word on that yet.And the pollution from the Browse gas?Strange but the 30 million dollars a year,almost matches the 40 million tonnes of filth a year.That is 75 cents a tonne for 50 years.I don't know how many people realise it,but that is nearly 800,000 tonnes A WEEK of filth for 50 years!An iron ore carrier FULL every single day!When will these lunatics wake up?

  7. Marmion and Buswell have their hands full with 3 ports now effected with lead spill fears.Esperance,Fremantle and Geraldton.Given the rough and ready way lead was trucked through Fitzroy and Derby,they may have to take another look at that.The fears of a cover up of lead samples is a very real issue.Derby had to endure the "agent orange"cover up.Fitzroy and Derby,like Mt. Isa,have no doubt suffered similar cover ups,lead monitoring deliberately skewed in favour of guilty companies.