Friday, December 10, 2010

Shell's grip on Nigerian state revealed

WikiLeaks cables: Shell's grip on Nigerian state revealed | Business | The Guardian

"There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, nothing hidden that will not be made known. Everything youhave said in the dark will be heard in the daylight; what you have whispered in locked rooms will be proclaimed from the rooftops.”

– Luke 12:2-3

The oil giant Shell claimed it had ins erted staff into all the main ministries of the Nigerian government, giving it access to politicians' every move in the oil-rich Niger Delta, according to a leaked US diplomatic cable.

The company's top executive in Nigeria told US diplomats that Shell had seconded employees to every relevant department and so knew "everything that was being done in those ministries". She boasted that the Nigerian government had "forgotten" about the extent of Shell's infiltration and was unaware of how much the company knew about its deliberations.

This sounds so familiar, similar to what they have done to Kimberley Land Council (KLC) inserting ex Shell lawyers into the organisation. The oil & gas industries all have their subversives embedded in the Media, Universities, Bank Boardrooms, Government and or their Committees. This is not new, it’s just now we have very effective means to investigate, We now have a birds’ eye view map of all their interconnecting links, the role they play in the manipulation of the general public and their controlling ways.

“There is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, nothing hidden that will not be made known. Everything you have said in the dark will be heard in the daylight; what you have whispered in locked rooms will be proclaimed from the rooftops.”
– Luke 12:2-3

All Redhand has ever wanted to do was to assist people to see the truth … about landing the world’s largest LNG refineries on our small Dampier Peninsular because without information you cannot make informed decisions as a public. Redhand had hoped to provoke community, regional, national and international discussion, debates, and we live in hope of creating reform, raising awareness and inspire people to think globally and ACT locally.

Redhand does not understand why so many Australian are politically apathetic, given the fact that no one is pointing a gun at us. After all, the social justice and human rights violations and the environmental destruction (planned) or concurrent are committed by those in power and the acquiescent public servants, (who service no one but themselves and their mortgage payments) can be suffocating, and the sense of powerlessness that erupts can be paralyzing, especially when …this government’s evildoers almost always get away with their lies, their cover-ups and crimes.

But, the times are changing, so be on guard.


  1. So another little piece in the puzzle,let's hope Luke is right.

  2. Ann Pickard Executive Vice President Shell Upstream....based in Perth,W.A. since March 2010.

  3. C'mon Wikileaks you must have some more for us!!!Oh this is good.This could tie everything in real good.Bergman,Voelte,Barnett,Fergusson?I wonder if BHP Billitons values and standards are shaking yet?All we need now is rain,bloody,rain.

  4. The Wilderness Society has released a really great piece of work,A Citizens guide to the strategic assessment,feels good to have some clarity.

  5. That first two paragraphs was concise and succinct. They were cut and past from The Guardian.

    Good idea the change of font. If you source the cut and paste jobs it can lead readers to websites, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc...

    Edward Scissorhands


    Redhand has stated Redhands Key Performance Indicators vis a vis bringing international attention and discussion etc...

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    KPIs met.

    Recommendation: PRAISE THE LORD.

    Pastor Jackson Scissorhands

  7. i hear the town is full of bully talk.the bullies all have guns.they talk like they not from around here.must be barnetts bullies.

  8. 'scuse me but is this more of Chas and his off the mark comments?If it is,what do you hope to gain from giving people who care a hard time?

  9. Actually my comments were on the mark. The Jabirr Jabbir People decision was in the public domain on 2 October. So even though I said I was wrong (because I thought I had the info much earlier than I did) I was actually right.
    I therefore retract my apology.

    Also. If it comes from Chas, it has "Chas" at the bottom.

    What was off the mark?

  10. C'mon, my feelings are hurt
    Tell me what was off the mark.
    I don't think anything I said was off the mark, but maybe it was - I don't know.

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    Maybe some team building exercises or something.