Monday, December 13, 2010

Overseas workers to fix skills shortage - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Overseas workers to fix skills shortage - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


  1. Dear Redhand,the photo with this article looks like the Pluto project,which I believe to be 2 trains under construction,or is it only 1?.The JPP plan is for over a dozen trains.I don't know what resources are available,but is there anyone who can do tricks on a computer?Lacking any decent "artists impressions",(Woodside and Government ones make it look smaller than our fuel farm at the wharf),or scale models,can we get someone to trick one up on a computer?Even a shot of Pluto multiplied to show 12 or 14 trains over a shot of the Quandong to JPP/Manari country?I guess this is possible but have no idea as to the software required.

  2. If Woodside were to float this thing out at sea just as shell propsosal they would not be given any grief.The gas would be sold,its a cheaper option and they would make the bucks and Federal coffers would be filled via royalties.
    But they prefer to continue with the "great deception"that this is the best option for blackfellas future.What a crock of Sh....t
    the mainstream population have been deceived via(politicians manipulation of media)into beleiving that Aboriginal people need to be "mainstreamed"This is the greatest deception....this mentality has given carte blanche governmental and beaurocratic authority to disenfranchise aborignal communities.All funding to communities has evaporated and instead millions are spent on gammon jobs for whitefellas 50..60...70 thousand a year and as much as 200,000 jobs with brand new cars and housing to agents of Fachsia and DEWR to report and squander.Our people have also been deceived and are now incapable of earning additional money especially when Centrelink takes over from CDEP.
    It is not possible to motivate aboriginal people by removing their capacity to earn extra cash.
    The Australian governments are very clever at the big deception and are oppressing our people into submission and total control and domination.We do not have a voice or are not involved in any decision making processes that enable us to determine our own future.the only future government can see is by massive corporate domination.
    Aboriginal people and our cultures are disposable in the eyes of these monsters.
    Wayne Bergaman and Noel Pearson are not leaders of "the people"they are servants to the state and "corporate giants".
    They have never even been on CDEP.Noels commentaries have done so much damge as John Howard,Rudd and now Gillard and others have championed his ideas.The other big deception was that CDEP had no value.Many indigenous people were striving for their self determination and had idiots like Noel and Wayne sell out and push the industrialisation agenda.Wake up and stop paying heed to the media.
    There is truth,but not by media.
    The media is totally orchestrated throughout this industrialisation campaign and the further oppression of our people is totally connected.
    Did you Know that this ring in Hon Gary Gray AO, MP
    "Special Minister of State; Special Minister of State for the Public Service and Integrity". check out the title above...what a freaking joke(integrity).is a total woodside plant....20 years with Woodside...this bloke is definately dodgy.
    Please make a list of all known "plants"(make it public)like this bloke and you will begin to understand the level of "deception in this country from top to bottom.

  3. I've got to say all you say is true.They had to get rid of CDEP so people would have no choice.Everything has followed on since then.I really thought I was pretty savvy,but you really cleared that one up.Thanks.

  4. Well,here we go:

  5. Brother, you know as well as me how timesheets get filled out and top up gets distributed. All them CDEP workers sitting in town and doing jobs in camp at the same time.

  6. What do you mean "...decieved ... into believing that Aboriginal People need to be 'mainstreamed'"?

    What do you mean by "mainstreamed"?

    How has it given a carte blanche?

  7. I think the key phrase is "legislative overreach"

  8. well, what do you expect,isn't it typical... hey lets put a few black workers here and there, that should cover us being accountable to Aboriginal people. Tough biscuits to the ones who are qualified and don't kiss a...with CEO'S....and you know what, I cannot believe how much this Gas crap is seeing families split over decisions that Barnett and his cronies have imposed on family break up...isn't it bad enough that families are divided now by grog, smoking and all that.....isn't it bad enough families don't have rights or a say in how they raise their children....and husbands or men can't support their families and wives with a job that maintains their lifestyle in wages....nah lets just complain about illegal immigrants coming to our shores, let's just complain about the influx of immigrants we have but lets bring in overseas workers and lets just once again...establish that Aboriginal people will always be a minority in a majority.

  9. to"what do you expect".heres a bit about one of the main scumbags when it comes to hating blackfellas and refugees:

  10. Aboriginal people will always be a minority if they let themselves be. They need to stand of on their own and with this gas plant they will have the jobs to do so!

  11. i thought the KLC said there would be no jobs for blackfellas?

  12. That is right. They did say that under the negotiations so far there would be no jobs because there was no training in the package.

    Good Point.

    Training would have to be one of the things that the coming compulsory acquisition negotiations would throw into the mix.

    Who can say. Let's have the good oil.


    Bjorn Borg

  13. @if woodside were to just float this thing ...

    Great writing. I Just reread it.

    What you are packing in there are about 7 or 8 distinct arguments.

    You got to pick them apart a bit.

    Chunk them into paragraphs like this one.

    Then give each paragraph a heading.

    Pick the three you feel strongest about and write a hundred words on each.

    Compare them to the comment you posted here.

    Old ink slingers call this practise "Sharpening Bayonets"


    Edward Scissorhands

  14. There's only no training because the KLC wish to have government and everyone else pay them (KLC) to arrange the training. KLC have seen the light that once all lands in the Kimberley are determined via Native Title that they become obselite hence they already have a hand in education (Reader Recovery) have or are in the process of establishing a housing unit to tender for projects under the Remote Service Delivery National Partnership.

    KLC should just focus on their core business and get the remaining claims in the Kimberley registered and then determined and stop holding government, industry and Aboriginal people to ransom in the meantime.

  15. To E.S.,I thought the paragraphs were just fine.And at least the comments were honest,passionate and on the mark.We couldn't survive on your pap,anymore than we could survive by chewing on cardboard.

  16. Let me restate this to make sure I have it right.

    The KLC are involved in Reader Recovery. Is this a literacy program running in schools? Forgive My ignorance.

    Also, you are saying that the KLC is trying to get into the business of regional service provision re housing

  17. I also thought the comments were fine. I did say "great writing".

    I also thought that some of the points were much stronger than others.

    These strong points were, however, obscured by some weaker, less defensible, arguments.

    In this political fight, words are weapons. The writer of the said piece has a talent and is clearly intelligent.

    Unfortunately, a sharp minded adversary will tear this piece to shreds.

    It is good to write from the heart. This forum provides a great training ground for working things out. The fight will escalate. This is quiet time, believe it or not. Our writer will hopefully step up and articulate his or her position in a manner that is impregnable to attack and persuasive to the public.

    Steel in one's thinking - this is what is required.

    This is not group therapy. This is not about giving out awards for trying hard. This is about winning.

    To win, all human resources must be primed by people striving to be their best.

    As a result of this striving, not only does victory become closer to reality, but everybody in the fight becomes stronger and learns more about themselves and will look back and see that they did things that they never thought possible.

    And don't understate the importance of pap. It is a staple food. It is nutritious and portable. It keeps easily and allows people to travel long distances through unfamiliar territory.

    Why do you try to insult me?

    Are you afraid of what is to come?


    Edward Scissorhands

  18. To E.S.You carry on about do this do that so much,lets see some of your impregnable sharpened bayonets that no adversary can pick to pieces.

  19. I have posted two already.

    Do your best.



  20. I just cannot see how the Land Council will hold training for mine workers.

    Are they a registered training organisation?

    The Reader Recovery was a grant. They are not getting into education.