Friday, April 8, 2011

Browse LNG Precinct James Price Point Industry Brief Jeff a 210311

Following are 3 Attached industry briefing from mainroads and DSD about the access road to James Price Point. They have put the tender out which closes 6th April, whilst admitting, they don't have funding approval or land tenure.... as well as costing 100million dollars for all the precinct roads.

Browse LNG Precinct James Price Point Industry Brief Jeff a 210311


  1. That's going to go down well,a $100 million road to no where.Perth trains are looking like India's,the buses are overflowing,freeways are gridlocked,no water,and according to Buswell,there is no money to fix them.
    Oakajee is ready to fall over.
    His major Perth projects,sinking a railway line,new stadium/s,the foreshore development,are the types of projects notorious for delays and cost blowouts.
    I knew he was heading for a major stuff up,but he has got there in record time!
    The fast tracking of major and mega projects without paying proper attention to the infrastructor to support them.
    Any tax to pay for this,super profits or whatever,no way,end of the world stuff.Might cost jobs.And yet we need 200,000 foreign workers in the next 5 years.They will have to live in tents,drink urine and eat the crows.
    Well what's the point of worrying?May as well sit back and have a laugh at the complete ignorant stupidity of it all.
    And to cap it all off,to make a statement like"The water will flow by force of gravity from the Kimberley to Perth"because the country is all flat,(nothing there either just like JPP),is the most stupid statement ever.
    Totally ignorant.

  2. It has been mentioned before,Barnett,just like Hitler,could never resist a project that had millions of tons of concrete and steel.
    All advice would be ignored,he had to have it.
    Millions of slave labourers to build them.
    Bit by bit he looses his grip,starts blaming everyone else for his failings.
    Hitler stranded Germany on the shore of a brand new age.The nuclear one.
    Barnett will strand WA on the shore of a brand new age,the renewable one.