Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hands off Woodside, Barnett says | Perth Now

Hands off Woodside, Barnett says | Perth Now

“I don't care what happens to the 34 per cent particularly but I just urge you - hands off Woodside.

“It would not be a good move for your industry.

“There are more important things to do, develop new fields, find oil, find gas, find customers.. just keep your hands off Woodside

“Its highly inappropriate that I say that but I mean it.”

Extremely funny that Barnett is now using the Redhand's slogan Hands Off, was it a freudian slip and Redhand is slowing but surely cutting deep into Barnett's subconscious?

"All hands on deck" is what Barnett should of said because the Woodside ship is sinking and will be eventually towed off shore and scuttled, broken up and shared. Where is the Captain? Don has his life jacket, and has abandoned the ship of fools, the fossilfools.

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  1. Barnett is cooking his goose in spectacular fashion!
    If only these fools would have taken their time with all this we may have seen some benefit from it.
    Instead we have this obscene rush and all we are looking at is a shonky ponzi scheme that threatens the security of the state and country.
    And put that reckless idiot Ferguson in there too.
    Ludlum has come out this morning and sprung the oil and gas industry over the extravagant claims it is making in regard to gas being clean.They are all lining up to avoid paying any carbon tax,to go with avoiding any super profits tax.
    It is all a complete disaster.