Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One Plus One - Friday 8 April - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

One Plus One - Friday 8 April - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)


  1. Coal Seam Gas:a sleight of hand.

  2. Jane Hutchins asks the killer question twice and Henry dodges it. Won't concerns over industry and jobs and investment always trump environmental concerns? Will the government ever turn down these industrial proposals because of the jobs they create.

    That is the whole crux of the matter. Don Henry is saying "well, we can have both".

    But can we?

    In a submission to the
    Review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act, CSIRO said that "for the act to be effective it may need to focus more on reducing the rate at which species become threatened..."

    The call is not to stop species becoming threatened but to reduce the rate at which they become threatened.

    The assumption is that there is inevitable degeneration.

    Don Henry looks like he is trying to not scare people.

    The obvious answers to Hutchins question are:

    "Yes -Industrial concerns will always trump environmental concerns if we keep going the way we are going"

    and "No, the government will not turn down these proposals under the current philosophical approach to Environmental Protection".

    These are self evident facts. By going the 'don't scare the public' route what does Don Henry hope to achieve?

    The question needs to be focussed - is it inevitable that the natural world will deteriorate as a result of human endeavours?

    Just my thoughts, Red.

    Nothing should be read that I hold any particular viewpoint one way or the other on the Kimberley Gas issue, being completely impartial as I am.

    Welcome back.

  3. A lesson for the Kimberley.