Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gas hub fighter has new plan - The West Australian

Gas hub fighter has new plan - The West Australian


  1. Does this mean The Rabble,The Uneducated Masses,can join in?
    Or does this plan only apply to the environmental activist elite?
    After all we wouldn't want anyone getting the wrong idea now would we,old chaps!What what.
    Signed the angry old bloke who can't use a computer properly yet.

    PS Message for Chas in older posts.

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  3. "Uneducated masses" was not my term, JBBB.

    I'm an egalitarian.

    Rabble is about a "disorganised mob" with no worthy and coherent principle to guide it.

    I am not talking about a rabble as a social stratification with an underclass of contemptibles.

    That is the opposite of what I'm about.

    Very intrigued about the Voelte 5, though.

    What's the endgame?

  4. Good on you Mr Cousens and Mr Barnett who are you to say this person cannot saying anything because he lives in Sydney. Isn't that a bit of a hypicritical statement when you who live in Perth, won't stay out of the Kimberley people's life and livlihood by letting them have their say in their own country through how they live.

    Also countrymen, something to think about. If you think your going to better your people 'Education' health, what makes you think the money from Woodside is going to do it. You should've been involved in decisions on Education by going to your childs school to speak up at meetings, you should've attended KAMSC or BRAMS Committee meeting to do this.

    You scream that, black people are treated less than normal human beings why do this when you agree with people like Mr Barnett and all Parliament ministers to keep giving you money to kill your own people off because you want grog or drugs. Money has no value to people who cannot read between the lines on which Barnett is wanting to build this 'Gas Hub'. In fact, he is having a good laugh on your behalf and saying, lets keep letting them kill themselves off by giving them money and have less worries about Aboriginal people.

  5. Chas, I am still waiting to hear about the red herrings!

  6. Celia Djiagween. You made her out to be a patsy and, as was so vociferously articulated to my good self, it was Roe who put her on the stand.

    Jabirr Jabirr claim not registered - all the hoopla and it turns out to be on the public record for two months.

    Fraccing in the Fitzroy Valley. Not strictly yours but one that you posted. Not happening. ALthough there was some truth - the tenement numbers were on the money.

    S91 permits - able to be post dated by the minister. No big deal.

    Postal voting. No conspiracy just a normal administrative procedure that would be able to be well used by the no gas cause.

    Rare lizard - without follow up it's just emotional manipulation - has damien got it wrong in his ID or have you found the Airlie Island Skink - have you spoken to DEC in town to check? You might be sitting on important evidence.

    Illegal drilling - last I was aware it was on crown land and the only evidence you present for failure to obtain traditional owner consent is your own testimony.

    Have you been to the Native Title Representative Body to report the co-ordinates or the department of lands or water people?. If the KLC told you where to get off at least you would be able to report that.

    The issue of people refusing to leave despite requests to do so by traditional owners - well it is vacant crown land. are you saying that if you were enjoying yourself at JPP and Frank Parriman came up and asked you to leave then you would comply? I don't think so.

    Which brings me to my gripe. From what I see you are a law unto yourself and no-one else. What becomes the law is what you say is the law and I think "god help us if you get into power"

    You are not the law and you are not the cause but because of your very worthy and dedicated and admirable work you have advanced the cause in a remarkable way.

    If it was not for people like you then support would not have been mobilised in the way it has. You deserve recognition and the work that you have put in gives you standing to speak in my mind. I admire you.

    But I will tell you this. When my daughter stopped breathing for no apparent reason and went limp in my arms it was a paramedic that saved her life. So when you posted that video of the loud one pouring vitriol on a worker and my investigations revealed that the bloke was a paramedic there was no question about where my sympathy lie.

    I guess it comes down to what your job is in all this, Redhand. Are you fair and balanced and reporting the truth? Or are you a propogandist?

    YOu have a very big following. YOu are very influential and what you say people believe. YOu must be a good person because people aere extremely loyal to you.

    You are a leader, like it or not. My final two questions before I return to the river for an extended stay are these:

    can you tell the truth about thea nocturnal researcher?

    and where are you going to lead everyone?

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    Follow the above url and search the document for "frac" for information about fraccing in the Kimberley

  9. I'm sorry, Redhand, I think I was wrong about the fraccing.