Sunday, April 17, 2011

Security and surveys on the Manari Road James Price Point

This week the Manari Road to James Price Point was blitzed with vehicles and people, including State Government sponsored surveys being undertaken by Woodside and their associated security teams, general travellers and energetic protesters committed to stopping the processing of gas along this coast. Meanwhile back in Broome, vehicles, equipment and heavy earthmoving and industrial machinery are on the move.
Seems the Shire of Broome has given approval to the development of the $80m workers camp somewhere between Willie Creek and 12 Mile with, shall we say, undernourished debate and only the energetic in the Public Gallery. Now, we wonder about how much of that 80 million dollars goes to Indigenous Employment or will it just prove the furphy we already know?

If you didn’t spend much time in Country over the last few months – enjoy.

Hands off Country


  1. Sorry dude, Your possibly rare lizards just a Ctenotus pantherinus. very common.

  2. Sounded a lot better when it was 'possibly rare' though! It might keep the fanatical, uneducated masses happy but a bit of research might have made their cause more credible. Go figure!

  3. I've been waiting for you two to show up!

  4. This ctenotus pantherinus is so common that it has never been mentioned in any of the Fauna studies undertaken by Woodside and the State government.

    Chas, I've been waiting for you to show up, good to hear from you.

  5. Thanks, Red, I've been travelling incognito ... and maybe I was wrong about Geoffrey Cousins.

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  7. I thought it was the Rabble,The Uneducated Masses,that were "Rocking the Free World"?
    But as for me just being an old bloke with his first computer,first time ever writing on a blog,first time ever donating money to a cause,this one,The Kimberley,I can see where you fit in,and where Red fits in,and have always known where The Rabble fit in.
    However I never got the bit where the comments of The Rabble,The Uneducated Masses,were such a threat to the Kimberley.
    I certainly don't see the monies donated by The Rabble as a threat to the cause.
    Maybe your view of us is no different to Barnett,Voelte or Fergusson?
    My advice to you is don't piss The Rabble off,or you might find no one there the next time you look over your shoulder.
    You spent thousands of words having a go at us because we weren't using paragraphs,well one day,by mistake,I hit the enter key.
    You could have said just hit enter and you can write in paragraphs.

  8. JBBB you are a gem!

    Please accept my apologies for upsetting you, I have that effect on people.

    I love your posts. They are heartfelt, intelligent, and full of wit. You are persistent in your feedback and I have enjoyed the to and fro between us in this forum.

    Your comment has made me think about what I mean by "rabble". You are not the first to take issue - you are about the fifth.

    I am out of step with readers, here, I know that. Let me think about it.

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  10. By Rabble I am talking about a disorganised crowd. A mob with no underlying coherent and worthy principle to guide its movement.

    I am not talking about some social stratification where the people on the bottom are contemptible.

    And here was me wondering why anyone would be proud to be part of a disorganised incoherent mob.

  11. Well I never found our friend in the strategic report Environmental Assessment Appendices relating to JPP.

    It is possible that Damien has identified the little bloke incorrectly.

    There are 5 Ctenotus mentioned in the report but only 2 were found.

    According to Appendix C-20 The Airlie Island Ctenotus is on the Vulnerable list and has a range down near Onslow - none were found at JPP.

    Maybe someone at DEC can have a look at the video.

  12. Chas
    Not only have you turned up but you are rabble raising again.
    But, I am very disappointed to find that you are just a commentator and have not read the SAR because if you had you would have understood that there has been two fauna surveys undertaken. But please its the red herrings that you have mentioned that I would like to know more about? And, after all is said and done it's not the rabble we need to be worried about it's the rubble we need to be focused on. Keep fishing!

  13. Red, Nobody can read everything at once and I am just glad I posted 6 minutes before you.

    I guess what I am thinking about is the "endgame".

    You yourself asked the question about why people are so politically apathetic. There were a couple of thousand people at the Broome Rally.

    A rally is safe, a public event, ordered, culturally acceptable. people feel comfortable to participate in this way.

    But what is the "endgame"? That is what I am thinking of. After the investment decision is "yes" after the state says yes, the feds say "yes" what then?

    Are you going to give up or are you going to sit on the road. You will need a lot of people. Where are you going to put them. What are you going to teach them. It might be fine to keep site security awake all night and drive them to look for other jobs but there is a limitless supply of goons. They make them in a factory in Woolongong. But when those goons turn around and pull out are they going to swing onside or are they going to hate you even if they agree with you? I put myself on the line asking questions about Celia Djiagween after listening to your "word on the street" during last December's court hearing. Now that is neither here nor there because no relationships were damaged. That is my problem. What happens if the Jabirr Jabirr swing against the gas and suddenly there is a common cause but because of the previous antagonism there is a poisonous relationship and there is no chance whatsoever of a unified opposition. This Us v Them thing will fail, Red. I may be talking out of turn but in answer to JBBBs thing about "uneducated massess" (not my term) being a danger to the Kimberley well, a disorganised mob is a danger because if the No Gas cause is not unified then it will not hold. The No Gas cause needs to be unified and not divided and this means that room needs to be found in the future, for people who are vehemently opposed to your cause now. If you insult, intimidate, attempt to provoke them then why will they fall behind you in twelve months time. There needs to be a coherent unifying principle. It needs to be Non Violent Direct Action. Nothing else will do. Finger pointing barefoot angry young men - they produce those in Woolongong, too Red. Actually it's kind of fun to not hit enter. I'm out.