Friday, November 26, 2010

12000 Protest Postcards to the Prime Minister

Michael Caton of 'The Castle" fame, Neil McKenzie Jabirr Jabirr and Nik Wevers representing the Broome Community NO GAS campaign delivered the following postcards to Parliament House in Canberra.

Dear Prime Minister,

The Commonwealth Government is responsible for the final sign off on the LNG hub proposed for James Price Point on the coast just north of Broome.
It makes no sense to destroy the environmental and cultural values of Broome and the Kimberley coast when there are alternatives. Pipe the gas to the Pilbara or process it on a floating LNG hub.
Gough Whitlam understood the value of the Great Barrier Reef.
Bob Hawke understood the value of the Franklin River.
Prime Minister, you have an historic opportunity to protect the values of this unspoilt part of the world. Don’t let the Kimberley become an industrial wasteland.
Say NO to a gas hub on the Kimberley coast.

Yours sincerely,
12,000 Australians.


  1. FYI
    The serpent grows another head,
    a new group is in the process of being formed,a spin off from KLC is all tied up in knots. Stay tuned as the "new"organisation starts a "new"process.I suppose it will receive mobs of funding as LNG on shore is definately "on the ropes"maybe it will be called KLC mark II.

  2. Heard there was a row in town this week,and at town beach too.Splits,rash comments and tempers flaring.Well.Hook,line and sinker.

  3. FYI....which mob are splitting away now.Or is this still re the folk up the peninsular who wanted their own lawyers?

  4. Apartheid by Stealth.

    While we haggle over industrialisation of the Kimberley`s, the teirs of government have been "boiling the frog" slowly.
    WA`s intervention is well and truly here...alive and kicking.Bleeding blackfellas into submission.No money ,no jobs.
    Brothers and sisters are resilient people but the proverbial "broken camels back" is approaching.You can only oppress and deceive for so long.
    follow the JP link.