Monday, November 8, 2010

Country- Goolarabooloo and the Lurujarri Heritage Trail

The Goolarabooloo community look after and live on the land just north of Broome. Anybody who knows these people have been witness to a strong culture who have intimate ties with the land they live on. The Goolarabooloo people invite you to walk with them,where their ancestors walked.The Lurujarri Heritage Trail is an annual event run by traditional owners, to walk their dreaming trail which was made heritage by Paddy Roe 22years ago. The Lurujarri trail runs from Minyirr Park- Cable Beach along the beach to Bindingankun- Yellow River, traveling past magnificent Walmadany- James Prices Point where Woodside and the state government want to build the world largest LNG refinery right in the middle of this songline and the trail.

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  1. Great video.

    My account of walking the the Lurijarri Trail can be seen at: