Thursday, November 4, 2010

Appeal to stop clearing on James Price Point

The EDO has lodged an appeal with the Minister for Environment on behalf of traditional owner Joseph Roe to stop Woodside clearing native vegetation on James Price Point for environmental investigations in connection with the proposed Kimberley LNG Hub.

Apparently, the WA Minister for the Environment will not sign off on the proposed clearing until it is heard in the courts which could be anytime between the 25th Nov - 17th December.

The status of Federal Court action, under Section 66B challenge will be heard in Broome from the 29th Nov - 3rd Dec.

However, Woodside are still trying to push their luck by issuing this work order which is scheduled to start today, the 4thNov

Further information:for further information please contact Paul Ryan Woodside Energy Ltd Phone: 08 9348 4000 Email: Note: Timings are indicative only and may be subject to change

Work scope Woodside, as operator of the Browse LNG Development, is undertaking an onshore geotechnical survey to collect geotechnical data. This data will provide preliminary information on foundation conditions, geological hazards and slope stability as part of its environmental and engineering studies to support assessment and design of the Browse LNG Precinct.

Methodology Data will be collected using a cone penetrometer, which sends a probe toa depth of 50 m into the soil to measure soil density. The cone penetrometer is mounted on a track mounted vehicle. Eight cone penetrometer tests are expected to be completed.

Location The preliminary onshore geotechnical survey will collect data along an existing track known as the North East Access Track or Biota Track, about 5km north East of James Price Point.

Environment There is not expected to be any significantenvironmental impact from this activity. No vegetation will be cleared and anenvironment management plan is in place.

Heritage Woodside has conducted Aboriginal heritage surveys of the area and has a heritage management plan in place should the study uncover any heritage sites.

On location 4 November 2010

Duration 1-2 days

Joint Venture Participants BHP Billiton (North West Shelf) Pty Ltd, BP Developments Australia Pty Ltd, Chevron Australia Pty Ltd. Shell Development Australia Pty Ltd, Woodside Energy Ltd Woodside Energy 240 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000 Australiat: +61 8 9348 4000 | f: +61 8 9214 2777 | e:

Meanwhile KLC have issued a Media Release

Without the consent of Traditional Owners, Woodside have today begun ground disturbing work near the site for the proposed gas hub.

The work is in breach of an existing Heritage Protection Agreement between the Kimberley Land Council and Woodside.

Jabirr Jabirr Traditional Owner Anthony Watson described the decision by Woodside to disrupt country as “a kick in the guts for Traditional Owners working hard to see this project done responsibly.”

“Woodside haven’t indicated to us how many sites they’re testing, the exact location of these sites or even how this kind of work affects the country,” he said.

“We have no idea about these key questions and it’s worrying us to consider Woodside is willing to progress this work on country regardless of the concerns of Traditional Owners.”

Jabirr Jabirr Traditional Owner Mary Tarran said “this kind of corporate behavior was commonplace many years ago, long before native title and the broader recognition of Aboriginal land rights.”

“What this boils down to is Woodside engaging in activity that they know could cause significant cultural harm, and could be in breach of the Aboriginal Heritage Act,” she said.

“Woodside’s proposed solution was to circumvent the land council and approach Traditional Owners individually, giving less than two days notice for them to complete a heritage clearance.”

“In light of today’s development and the disrespect for proper process, Traditional Owners will have to reconsider how we engage with Woodside.”


  1. 'bout time dearie,1 down 99 to go.

  2. What is it with oil and gas mobs?"Create an atmosphere of haste"everytime.Anyone get the feeling might be running out this con?

  3. "Woodside has conducted Aboriginal heritage surveys of the area and has a heritage management plan in place should the study uncover any heritage sites."


  4. Sort of funny in a way.I remember a couple of years ago Mary and her mother telling anyone who would listen,"It's only 4 square kilometres,Woodside showed us the plan.2 x 2,thats how big the gas plant will be".Woodside are trying to make fools of us all.Screw them the bastards.

  5. Mary will be on Kimberley radio at 10:00 today.

  6. been a bad day for the klc,no one fronts kimb radio,then the water minister announces a proposed de sal for prices de sal on the woodside plans.but we knew it was gonna happen.dams and pipes here we come.

  7. Once again an informative post for those of us not on country but needing to stay in the loop. Thanks Red Hand.

  8. Maybe Red Hand could investigate whether there is any truth that whilst Woodside are pushing forward with the LNG Precinct, a number of the TONC members are having to prove their connection to the Jabir Jabir Claim. If they are unable to prove connection via geneology then it would leave KLC further red faced.