Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hagstron Drilling James Price Point

Traditional owners and community activists confront Woodside Petroleum

Broome activists and Traditional Owners confronted Woodside Petroleum at the proposed gas refinery near James Price Point.

Woodside Petroleum is conducting seismic testing for their proposed industrial gas refinery site ahead of gaining Federal environmental approval for the project.

Community activists said that Woodside is riding roughshod over local communities and forcing their time lines without respect for the environment and community concern.

“It is obvious that Woodside doesn’t care about proper process, the feelings of the community or the environment and is hellbent on forcing the industrialisation of the Kimberley at any cost” said ….

“Our community is not going to allow neither Woodside nor any other oil and gas company to come in and wreck our country, the social fabric of our town nor are we going to allow the Kimberley to become a quarry for the rest of the world.

Community activists said that they will continue to delay the proposal for as long as it takes.

“Continuing delays will lead to share holder pressure pushing for more socially and environmentally acceptable sites in the Pilbara”, said....


  1. After Parrimans glee at the compulsory acquisition don't expect much from the KLC on this.The ABC couldn't get hold of anyone on Friday to make a statement,so only the media release reported here from Thursday.The real response from the KLC is,"good oh!at last it's started.Getting closer to the money now".But expect some half hearted statements,already cleared by Woodside,to try and make them look like they are still black fellows.

  2. Please include a language warning on your website. I just tried to show my young niece and nephews what you are all about and I get this woman blasting our expletives!
    Surely you can get your point across without the swearing?

  3. Hagstrom not Hagstron.

  4. klc don't give a stuff about this.more machines ripping up the country the better.only thing would fire them up would be woodside saying they can't afford the handout.

  5. bloody hippies. stop wasting everyone's time with this stuff. progress is enevitable

  6. yes when will these damn hippies grow up and realise that kids dying from luekemia and people becoming very ill from toxic pollutants is just some good old collateral damage?so what if the people of the Dampier peninsular have tumours coming out of their's just progress.drink more agent orange,thats what i say!put ddt back in the drinking water!oh and get a bloody haircut and bring back national thats progress!

  7. progress is enevitable.the gas plant is enevitable.must be the klc anti hippie squad again.t.o.a.h.s.,or toerags as the hippies call them.

  8. I am a proud Hippy.Not for nothing was Cheech and Chongs van in "Up in Smoke"made out of Mary Jane.It was a sign of a wave of the future,man.

  9. Who out there thinks that calling Hagstrom Drilling "AH you bloody mother fucking assholes" Is a good start for a deformation case? Or in anyway a constructive argument for or against mining exploration in the Kimberly. Foul Language show a lack of vocabulary and s weak argument. Your video footage show beautiful well maintained machinery and track in the red dirt not damage to the land. Let the boys get back to work.

  10. After much careful consideration of this politically leftist blog, I still reckon most people in Broome will vote Labor rather than Liberal in the next election.

    Now doesn't anti-consumerism mean that that shouldn't be happening?

    Betcha it will - and that's probably the mood of the town rally.

    Anarchy, easy to talk harder to make...

  11. Welcome to the Great Green Revolution.Join or be stranded on the shores of a brand new Age.