Monday, November 8, 2010

Shire angry over delayed gas hub studies - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Shire angry over delayed gas hub studies - ABC Kimberley WA - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

It’s a bit late for the President of the Broome Shire, Graham Campbell to be jumping up and down about the delay of a couple of weeks of the Kimberley LNG Strategic Assessment document given the fact that the original Department of State Development’s timeline had the release schedule for late 2009.

But where was our shire president, Cr Campbell when the Broome Community was screaming out about the lack of community consultation, lack of information, and a process that effectively locked community input out during the entire the social assessment period.

Where, how and when has the Broome Shire president advocated on behalf of the Broome Community about his constituency concerns regarding this proposed project and the lack of correct information?

Where was the Shire president, Cr Campbell when the Broome Shire tried to palm off a half baked Town Planning Scheme to the State Government that accommodated an industrial zone for the landing of the largest LNG Refinery in the world without releasing it to the Broome community for consultation or comment?

Where was our Shire president, Cr Campbell when at the Shire’s organised forum on the proposed LNG Refinery at James Price Point, held at BRACS, in Broome last year, when he did not allow a question and answers time or open up the floor to public debate?

Where was the Shire president, Cr Campbell when the Shire approved a Woodside planning application that will cause lot of environmental devastation and increase the level of community anxiety even in early investigative stages well before the Strategic Assessment document was completed or any approval for the project has been ticked?

Where will our Shire president, Cr Campbell be when the groundwater will be removed to determine how quickly it will bleed?

Where was our Shire president, Cr Campbell while the reef system that has been under assault and is suffering greatly already from the drilling regime that has been operating for months now at James Price Point?

Where will our Shire president, Cr Campbell be when all the fragile and rare Remnant Rainforest ecosystem with all its living creatures are being greatly effected by the noise movement of traffic and the vibrations of danger reverberating through the ground itself?

(We all know where his deputy Cr Chris Mitchell will be, he will be using the grant money provided by Woodside to the Wildlife Carers Association. Mitchell will be out there, in Country on his hobby horse, playing the community hero, out there rescuing all remaining alive creators who habitats have been raked to the ground).

When will the Shire president, Cr Campbell or for that matter the Broome Shire Council

have some stated public stance on state government’s Compulsory Acquisition being

enforced within their Shire?

When will our president stand up for the our heritage and speak about the Lurujarri Trail,

a project that the Broome Shire has supported, encouraged and in some cases grant

moneys for the protection and management of, for over twenty years.

Woodside current investigatory studies are already cutting tracks across the Songline,

is causing social and community heighten emotional apprehension. Angst is being

experienced equally and is being paralleled across our community, This trend will

continue to grow and be widely felt long before the Strategic Assessment is

released and the final decision is made.


  1. He's no different to the KLC,let's pretend we care to improve our public image a bit.But they don't give a rats about anything other than crawling to woodside.

  2. Hear Hear I second the motion. Politicians get so far removed from community that they forget why they were elected in the first place. Thanks red hand for another informative post!

  3. Burke to release the enviro next year now in June.

  4. who will own woodside by june next year?and the new ceo?

  5. The level and quality of information available to the community is way better than a couple of years ago.Thanks mainly to Redhand,Goolarabooloo,Save The Kimberley,and lately the Greens.Hell,apart from LNG,a lot of us know how to Frac,leech Uranium,strip mine coal,Bauxite,Lead and Zinc.Destroy vaste swathes of pristine country,decimate coral reefs and marine eco systems.Anihilate endangered species and many other weird and wonderful things.I've almost learnt to spell and type.But seriously,thanks to Redhand and all the other locals whose imput on these things has been really excellent!Cheers guys.

  6. Oh and of course be a rotten stinking conning lying so and so.As in,"one seat at the MCG and 30 years",when we talk about cash for country.And,"three gas plants and 100 years", when we talk about sticking it somewhere else.I feel like I could almost walk and chew gum,at the same time.Damn.

  7. After so many informative posts, I really form the opinion most of the Broome townspeople will still be voting labor over liberal at the next election, and probably for the same council rats as these!

    That's why I both admire you Redhand and at the same time pity your politics.

    Lots of people say they agree with anarchism, like most of my high school teachers in the 80's, but when in comes down to it WA political history suggests a very conservative and consumerist place.

  8. Shell and now BHP join anarchist protest parade.