Friday, November 12, 2010

Hagstrom Drilling Doing Woodside's Dirty Work


November 11, 2010

Machinery rolls on to James Price Point site following Minister Burke’s visit

At the very same time as Federal Environment Minister Burke was visiting James Price Point for the first time in his new portfolio this morning, Woodside was loading machinery onto trucks at the Broome port in readiness to head out to the site for work to begin.

Broome-based environment group Environs Kimberley has called on the Environment Minister to clarify the role that the Australian government will play in assessing the proposal for gas refineries at James Price Point.

Preliminary survey ground-disturbing works have already begun on site, meanwhile a landclearing application is being challenged by Traditional Owners in the Federal Court.

“The Minister assured people in the Kimberley today that the final environmental approvals for this process are his responsibility alone – but if works are already beginning on one site, prior to the federal government formally selecting a site where this development should occur, the community could be forgiven for lacking confidence in this decision making process.

The Broome Shire Council has a confused position on this issue, the state government is doggedly pursuing James Price Point as the only site for this development, and the Australian Government apparently has yet to come to a view as to where this development should be located. How on earth is the community to make sense of this?

“We would like to know why these works are being conducted prior to any decision on the gas refinery by the Minister for the Environment.” said Environs Kimberley Director Martin Pritchard.

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  1. Does this make haksrtum a left wing or right wing activity?Will they be voting labour or liberal next time?And will they choose to practice consumerism locally?

  2. Will you please post a Dirty Work warning on your website?I didn't browse Hands Off Country to see a hands on all over it.More trees please.

  3. 32,000,000 tonnes of dirty toxic filth x 3 gas plants =96,000,000 tonnes.x 100 years =9,600,000,000 tonnes.@ say 1 tonne a cubic metre = 9,600,000,000 cubic metres. Broome Shire is 56,000 square kilometres.Thats 171,428 tonnes of toxic filth for each and every square kilometre of the Broome shire. Or as hectares are so popular.1714 tonnes per hectare.A hectare is 100 metres x 100 metres.So I make that 171 kilograms of toxic filth for every SQUARE METRE OF THE SHIRE OF BROOME!I've underestimated the maths a bit,so to make it easy,thats 200 kilograms per square metre.Or 8 x 25 kilo bags of cement!The Shire,KLC,BCC,Woodside reckon if they peddle fast enough no one will notice?No way this thing can fly.

  4. The Kimberley is 424,517 square kilometres.Thats 22,613 tonnes of **** for each and every one of them!I hope I got this right,that's enough to cover the entire Kimberley to a depth of 2.26 Centimetres.Or nearly 1 inch in the old scale.Either my calculator doesn't work,or they have got to be kidding!We're all dead!

  5. Look on the bright side if they only build one gas plant that only covers the Kimberley with 7.5 millimetres of toxic ****!Or just over a 1/4 inch in the old scale.

  6. And this would do what to the water?signed a freaked out Hippy.vvv

  7. geese do something more constructive in your time, like planting trees or smoking em, or smoking less, the more i watch these videos the weirder the songs get. And you want to look at your government and blame them and not the workers they are only doing there job to earn the crust, probably some thing you guys have never heard of but hey give it a try sometime.

  8. A scab is a scab.If they can't take it let them bugger off elsewhere.

  9. the rain in spain....