Sunday, August 14, 2011

2011-08-13 Qwon Gifts Dia

(Of which some notice has been given)
Wednesday, 10 August 2011
Hon Ed Dermer to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs.
For the period 23 September 2008 to date:
1) Will the Minister table a copy of any record of all gifts, hospitality or other
benefits received by any officers in the Department of Indigenous Affairs?
2) Ifnot, why not?

2011-08-13 Qwon Gifts Dia

Is this how you get a Section 18 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act, or more to the point the reasons why you would not need one, at all? Are these the gifts needed to ensure that Department of Indigenous Affairs investigations into serious culture heritage desecration and the theft of cultural items and removal of those items from Country are as protracted and ineffectual as possible?

Now, the questions need to be asked, what gifts has Woodside provided to the WA Police Department, the Department of Water, The Main Roads Department, the Department of State Development, the Broome Shire Council, the Lands Administration, the Department for Environment & Conservation and the Environment Protection Authority? etc: etc: This is much more than interesting, this is true insight.

Is this one of the reasons why any concerns we had in regards to the what in which the Department of State Development has managed the Strategic Assessment process and the current total lack of good governess within WA current state government departments and the fact that a lot of legislation is not being adequately addressed, investigated, scrutinised or examined.

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  1. The continuing story of strange bedfellows.

    And as for the above story,yes they buy it,this is only what they have to declare,only a royal commission could get to the bottom of all this rot!