Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fires are burning James Price Point August 2011

Sunday August 21, 2011 13:17 AEST

At the height of the fires burning in the northeast of James Price Point, on Friday, residents of Walmandan went to Woodside’s compound in order to gain access to Bilby researchers out in the northern part of the land scarring. However, no one was in the compound and the access road gate was locked. This made it impossible to utilise the quickest and safest way to where researchers were working.

On the same day, the Broome Shire used the fire as an excuse to complete Woodside’s trace line (the proposed 120 million dollar highway from the Cape Leveque Road to James Price Point) right through to the biota track.

Meanwhile Woodside’s Fire Management Plan (World’s Best Practice) is hot in action:

Run for your life

Lock up your gates

Leave the fuel tank and

Take the water trucks

Whilst the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) was in discussions with Environs Kimberley about the best way to manage this fire, the Shire of Broome took it upon themselves to undertake this work. The bulldozer was being walked through by other staff members from DEC, with GPS in hands. No Traditional Owners or FESA representatives were present at the bulldozing.

Many government departments were aware of heritage sites located within the trace line path.

On Saturday morning, someone used the trace line to light additional fires.

These aerials shots were taken early Friday morning.

Thanks to the huge crew of people who contributed these photos and film

to keep YOU up to date.

Hands off country.


  1. its true about the baits

  2. we dont need a bushfire to wipe out bilbies we have already laid baits

  3. There are some really sick people out there! But the bilbies are fine.

  4. um y would u want to kill a bilby?

  5. Cruelty to animals is an interesting profile,ever watch Criminal Minds?

  6. Please do not take the bait, they have absolutely no idea where the Bilbies are. Bilbies live underground and will survive fires, the concern is the aftermath when the food sources are scarce.

  7. I would report the post to the police anyway, in writing, with a request to determine the ISP address of the computer that was used to post it.

  8. Re tracking funds:the bank is Westpac and the account name is Broome Dinosaur Group.Account opened by Nigel Clarke.Lets get these people up here asap.