Wednesday, August 31, 2011

National Heritage Listing

One Place,Many Stories:West Kimberley.
Today at Gambanan on the Dampier Peninsula at 10.30 am the Minister for Sustainability,Environment, Water, Population and Communities, Tony Bourke, announced that the West Kimberley would be added to the National Heritage List.Although the whole of the Dampier Peninsula was not listed the intertidal area from north to south has been included and will help protect the ancient dinosaur trackways from further destruction.As the minister said this morning to the small crowd that gathered for this historic moment "if you want Broome to be the next Pilbara, then you wont like my decision.And if you want Broome to be the next Dubai then you wont like my decision" because the areas are too sensitive for this.
We certainly hope that barnett and woodside sit up and take notice of this spanner in their works and that they immediately cease all activities in this tidal zone as a matter of urgency and law.
handsoffcountry, standing up for the planet!

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