Friday, August 26, 2011


Broome No Gas Community Group

Friday, 26 August 2011


At 2:00am this morning, a community roadblock stopped the progress of a large convoy of Woodside’s vehicles, including land-clearing and drilling machinery as they tried to return to James Price Point, site of Woodside’s proposed gas hub in the Kimberley.

For over six hours, about 60 Broome community members have halted any progress of this convoy of over 25 vehicles and trucks on the Manari Road, about 40km north of Broome.

“Why are they coming in here at 2am in the morning if they’ve got all their permissions in place?” Goolarabooloo Law Boss Joseph Roe asked Woodside at the site of this morning’s protest.

After a number of traffic infringements were issued and one arrest occurred for protestors standing on the road, four people have locked themselves to machinery, and to a roadblock, in an effort to further delay the return of Woodside onto the proposed gas hub site.

Marion Lester of Broome is currently ‘locked on’ to machinery loaded on a flatbed truck at Manari Road. When asked why she’d taken this action, Marion said,” I’ve lived in the Kimberley for 21 years, in Broome for 7. There are other options for processing this gas than building an enormous new industrial site on an unspoiled stretch of the Kimberley coastline. Woodside should pipe it to the Pilbara, or look to processing the gas on a floating platform offshore.”

“Along with the majority of our community, I’m determined that Woodside’s plans for James Price Point will not go ahead,” Marion continued.

Further down the road, Lauren Ausborne is locked to a concreted 44 gallon drum in the middle of the road with Naomi Hodgson. Still holding up the convoy six hours later, Lauren said, “I feel very strongly that Woodside must be stopped from destroying the living culture and unspoiled wilderness of this place.”

To date, one arrest has occurred this morning – Sue Clarke was arrested at about 3am for standing on Manari Road. Ms Clarke, of Broome, is currently being held in custody and is refusing bail.

Further arrests are expected throughout the day. To date, 26 people have been arrested in protest actions since Woodside have started their landclearing works near James Price Point.

To arrange further comment from protest site, call Nik Wevers: 0417 998 598
High res pictures & HD vision (unedited) available upon request. One image attached


  1. Have sent your site details to Shell to Sea.

  2. Had a message back from Shell to Sea,"hey thats brilliant news!keep it up.its great to hear whats happening over there.all the best kate."

    From Kevin.