Thursday, August 4, 2011

BEWARE: Don't Wail About a Whale at James Price Point

This is the woman who spoke on ABC morning radio, about what she witnessed in regards to the incident of a Police launch driving over a whale. This was this lady's first day ever at the Manari Road Blockade and she has no criminal record.

The head honcho who was directing the operation for the W.A police force(Woodside) on this morning was in plain clothes. He never identified himself as a police officer and when asked repeatedly, refused to identify himself. When the head honcho first arrived and got out of the unmarked car that was the second car in, the Woodside convoy, he approached this lady and informed her that "she would be the first to go today".

She was approached later and asked for identification, she stated she had none on her and was about to tell them her name when she was grabbed by the arm and pulled to the paddy wagon. All the other protesters on the road that morning were issued with a Traffic Infringement Notices or Move On Notices, some even were issued with both. However, this women was dragged directly to the paddy waggon and was never given any warming.

Redhand has major concerns and wonders if this was premeditated and that this lady was purely targeted because she spoke about a very disturbing incident in regards to the harassment of whales by police who are there protecting, once again, Woodside interests with your tax payers dollar.


  1. Have you gone to the Police complaints in Perth, you really should be reporting this to the CCC, it is corrupt. The lady in question should be making a complaint to the CCC, anyone can. They have to identify themselves as police; it needs ot go to IA. Don't waste your time on local officials.

  2. I was walking just in front, almost beside, this woman, when this officer came up to her. As far as I could reasonably determine at that moment she was doing nothing different to me and the many other protesters that were milling around watching the convoy. There was little background noise at that time and I was clearly able to hear that the police officer was talking to her. As I turned to see what was going on she was grabbed by the officer and marched off to the paddy wagon. It was so quick. She certainly didn't have time to do anything that warranted such a decisive and brutal response. Shame Barnett. How dare you set our police against our citizens.