Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Law breakers for James Price Point

Candles welcomed in the dawning of another day for Broome Community No Gas Campaign Blockade,to save James Price Point, in true Kimberley colours.

With Woodside's: regime of drilling happening just offshore at the moment, between Quondong and James Price Point, during the peck Humpback whales migration and birthing season;
their continued destruction of clearing and drilling in Country in known Bilby Habitat;
the delayed or referred investigations into the destruction of Heritage Sites;
total indifference shown to Broome and Dampier Peninsula communities grave concerns;
excessive use of police and state resources to serve them;
silencing the other joint venture partners.
and the fact that Woodside Licence to occupy crown land requires that they "Reinstate the licence area to the state and condition in which was at the date of commencement" 24th Oct 2009. Something they can never do.

Enough is Enough and this morning, one month after Black Tuesday, people again blockaded Woodside's state protected convoy from entering Country.
This action resulted in 3 arrests, 4 Traffic Infringement Notices and 4 Move On Notices

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