Wednesday, October 3, 2012

ABC Television - ABC1 - Catalyst - 8:00pm Thursday, October 04 2012

ABC Television - ABC1 - Catalyst - 8:00pm Thursday, October 04 2012: Catalyst - Series 13, Episode 19
Series Synopsis

Australia's premier science investigation series.

Tracking Australia's dinosaurs in the Kimberley, Diagnosing Mental Illness; Making computer games feel real; Sizing up our DNA?

Kimberley Dinosaurs

Written in the sandstone, along the rocky platforms of the pristine Dampier Peninsula north of Broome, is a dinosaur story from 130 million years ago. Here, palaeontologists have recorded the track types of more than sixteen different dinosaurs including the biggest to ever walk the earth. The tracks are also culturally significant in that they are woven into the Aboriginal songlines and creation stories. Mark Horstman witnesses the discovery of the biggest dinosaur footprint ever found and reports on the threat to the security of the dinosaur tracks posed by a massive industrial development.

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  1. One of the greatest stories ever told (or untold).Truly hope this area can be saved forever.

    Dr Steve Salisbury from the University of Queensland reveals discoveries of dinosaur footprints for the first time on ABC's Catalyst program tonight.

    "It's a unique glimpse of an ancient ecosystem unmatched anywhere in the world," he said.

    "This is our only window on Australia during the age of dinosaurs 130 million years ago."

    Over the past year, Dr Salisbury has been working with the local Aboriginal community and Broome dinosaur enthusiasts to document the fossils near Woodside's proposed plant near James Price Point.

    "Every time we come back there are new things emerging," he said.

    "It would be very naive to believe that in a year we can figure it all out."