Monday, October 8, 2012

Earth Choice Launches Bold TV Ad for the Kimberley | Save The Kimberley

Earth Choice Launches Bold TV Ad for the Kimberley | Save The Kimberley:

I couldn’t believe that our government would put industry ahead of one of the planet’s last remaining pristine coasts. How could our government even consider a project that would create more CO2 than is produced by the entire country of New Zealand? This would negate any benefit the new carbon tax would have and will increase Australia’s carbon emissions significantly. Perversely, it seems that the creation of this enormous industrial precinct would be more about carbon tax revenue for the government as the 50 million tonnes of CO2 would equate to $1.15 billion in carbon tax revenue.

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  1. Good move by Earth Choice,have used their products for a long time.

    No wonder the US doesn't get Climate Change - how would you go explaining anything to these people?

    NEW YORK: A Republican congressman who sits on the science committee of the House of Representatives has dismissed evolution, the Big Bang theory and embryology as "lies straight from the pit of hell".

    Paul Broun, running for re-election unopposed by Democrats as Georgia representative next month

    Broun, a doctor, said that "as a scientist" he had found data that showed the Earth was no older than 9000 years and was created in six days. Mainstream science holds that it is 4.5 billion years old. Broun said theories about the origins of the universe and evolution represent "lies to try and keep me and all the folk that were taught that from understanding that they need a saviour".

    But his comments may prove an embarrassment to colleagues on the House committee on science, space and technology. The congressional body was subjected to scrutiny this summer over remarks made by Todd Akin, the representative for Missouri. He sparked outrage by suggesting that it was "really rare" for rape to result in pregnancy.


    More of what keeps Coleman awake worrying at night.

    Aquila Resources' plan to build a major iron ore project in Western Australia's Pilbara region has suffered a setback, with cost estimates blowing out by $1.4 billion.

    In a statement this morning, Aquila said the “West Pilbara Iron Ore Project” was now expected to cost $7.4 billion.
    The plan to build a new iron ore port at Anketell is looking less viable as the long-term outlook for iron ore weakens.