Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Media Statements - Statements - EPA’s findings endorsed on Browse LNG

Media Statements - Statements - EPA’s findings endorsed on Browse LNG:

 “My next step is to consult with decision-making authorities and other agencies, including the ministers for Mines and Petroleum; Transport; Lands; and Indigenous Affairs, on whether they agree that this strategic proposal should proceed and, if so, what conditions will be set.”

061-304-12 Min Advice to Appellants FINAL 30Oct12


  1. I'm sure no one doubted for a minute that Green would support the outcome Barnett required,but this is worse than many people imagined the sham process would turn out.Basically it's nothing.

  2. The continuing story of Ms Mustard.

    Woodside Petroleum will have to prove a former employee behaved unreasonably when she returned from maternity leave if it is to defend her claim of defamation, according to The Australian Financial Review.

    The paper said former executive Jill Mustard is suing for $50,000 over comments made at a conference by former chief executive Don Voelte, where he referred to the company’s experience of a highly public parental leave case.

    The AFR said Mustard previously settled a sex discrimination case with Woodside for $170,000 after claiming she was demoted when she returned from maternity leave, but Woodside insists she retained the same pay, conditions and title.

    In the West Australian Supreme Court on Monday, Woodside lawyers reportedly said they had to prove the company restructured its management and Ms Mustard unreasonably insisted on being reinstated to her original place within the hierarchy.

  3. Woodside and the government can swindle all they like it won't change the fact this is a very expensive site to develope at a time of very high costs,acute labour shortages across the industry worldwide,and at a time when the gas rush is in full swing everywhere - everybody has some - and customers do not want to pay the high prices Woodside need to keep their heads above water.The returns on this can only go in one direction - down.A very hard sell for them.

  4. WA Cluedo game.
    Set in the Premiers Palace starring
    Mr Green and Ms Mustard.
    And all the usual characters.
    Very fishy tales.

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