Saturday, October 20, 2012

New State Govt CSG Policy Appalling: WIN News 12 Sep 2012 - YouTube

New State Govt CSG Policy Appalling: WIN News 12 Sep 2012 - YouTube:
In the wake of the NSW Government's Strategic Regional Land Use Policy release, WIN News talks to Jess Moore of Stop CSG Illawarra about Barry O'Farrell's broken promises and the upcoming protest on October 21 in Bulli.

It so good to understand that communities across Australia are starting to stand up for their future, their water, their environment and their community. 

The Great Barrier Reef is a national icon, a natural treasure and important for marine biodiversity. There is no place like it in the world. The iconic Great Barrier Reef is right on Queensland's doorstep and is a treasure that belongs to all Australians. But the Great Barrier Reef is under threat from many things, including climate change, ocean acidification and over-fishing. Now, the Great Barrier Reef is facing new threats from the Gas and oil industrialists: dredging, dumping and shipping.


  1. The potential for destruction of this World Heritage area is surely not worth the risk.

    Backlash builds as BHP oil hunt closes in on reef

    RESOURCES giant BHP Billiton has unveiled plans to explore for oil just 5km from the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, in the latest example of the industry's rapid encroachment of the environmentally fragile area off the West Australian coast.

    The move comes after rival oil major Royal Dutch Shell began a $60 million drilling campaign this week within 50km of the reef, prompting environmentalists to call on the government to stop issuing exploration permits so close to the marine park and to conduct a study of the cumulative impact of exploration.

  2. Lousy internet this morning couldn't play the you tube,but lots on Polly Higgins.

    "Today we have a paper trail that takes us back to 1972. The call to make Ecocide an international crime is nothing new – over 7,000 people took to the streets in Stockholm in 1972 to demand that ecocide be a crime. It was the time of the Vietnam War and world leaders had met in Stockholm to resolve environmental issues at an international level for the first time. At the same time, The People’s Forum brought together some of the top experts of the day to discuss ecocide.

    Fast forward a decade; 1985 saw the flame of the Law of Ecocide burn brightly again. Most significantly was the draft Code of Crimes Against the Peace and Security of Mankind (precursor to the Rome Statute) which included Ecocide. For a further 11 years the United Nations partook in concerted debate, discussion and research - one researcher even drafted the Ecocide Convention. What happened next is set out in the research paper, Ecocide is the Missing 5th Crime Against Peace"


    The team has had some wonderful successes; in the past year alone, a mock Ecocide Trial was held in the UK Supreme Court where two fictional Chief Executive Officers were put on trial for causing ecocide due to their destructive practices in the Athabasca tar sands. Both were found guilty, demonstrating that a law of Ecocide can work in practice, and garnering international media coverage for the campaign, including in The Financial Times, Le Monde, Time magazine, Deutsche Welle, Al Jazeera, and Canada's CBC. The trial was broadcast worldwide online by Sky News.


    Earth Is Our Business: extract

    Polly Higgins answers frequently asked questions about how a law on ecocide would work

  3. OK, you asked the question :

    Why would a corporation like Lockheed Martin be interested in a Blog like this?

    A little history first:

    WOODSIDE has assembled a security team - including former SAS personnel - to protect staff amid mounting tensions at its $30 billion James Price Point gas project.

    PerthNow has learnt retired members of the Special Air Service Regiment, considered the toughest, fittest and smartest soldiers in the military, are among those within the team.
    A spokeswoman for Woodside said she was unable to "provide details about the background of the team".
    She said the "numbers of people in the team vary depending on the activities underway".

    "The health and safety of our staff and contractors is our highest priority and for this reason the health, safety and security team has been involved since our studies commenced," she said.

    But Australian SAS Association WA branch president Gerry Bampton said many former SAS officers moved into security jobs once they were discharged.

    "I do know that a lot of guys do get involved in security where that takes them who knows," he said.

    "Some move into security and there are all different branches of security, but there are others that take a completely different path."
    (maybe they are also teaching the state police)

    Greens MP Robin Chapple said he believed police had "gone a little bit too far" by removing the women's blankets and leaving them with water that they could not reach.

    "I think that their approach is less than human," he said. "We're dealing with two aged people, who are making a valid point, but to actually strip them of any creature comforts for the nights up there which are very cold, I actually think is tantamount to torture."


    So my guess is:

    Lockheed Martin advertise a security system called "PALISADE"


    "There is no such thing as a one size fits all"

    Products should be tuned to customer needs.
    PALISADE provides intelligence driven defence to the ENERGY INDUSTRY.


    A lot of this comes under the health and safety banner,very polite,but it is spying and serveilance - which include blogs like this.

    Hostile Environment Services


    ISS Security


      (don;t forget to read between the lines)
      as in the Perth Now story,eg ""The health and safety of our staff and contractors is our highest priority and for this reason the health, safety and security team has been involved since our studies commenced," she said."
      (so the SAS are really the health and safety team)

      Introducing Palisade™

      Lockheed Martin’s Palisade solution is a cyber security solution tailored to the complex needs of the energy industry and customized to each client’s unique environment. Above and beyond basic monitoring software, Palisade integrates with your security environment to deliver enterprise-wide visibility, awareness and alerting capability that provides security operations analysts with actionable security intelligence to defend and maintain critical operations.

      Maximize Security Resources
      Palisade enables organizations to maximize the operation and reliability of critical infrastructure, including security resources. Palisade includes workflow enhancements built in to automate routine cyber security processes.

      Connect the Dots
      Palisade evaluates enterprise-wide data using complex event analysis to identify and qualify security threats.

      Empower the Security Team
      Palisade provides advanced tools and capabilities for security professionals to proactively mitigate and respond to cyber security threats.

    2. Dear Redhand,believing my cover to be comprimised I request a meeting.Cannot use my codemame as this is blown.
      Meet behind "Palmtree no 3" at 0400 Zulu...

  4. Facebook asked to close undercover cop page

    Victoria Police has complained to Facebook, saying a page dedicated to exposing the state's undercover police cars is putting officers and operations at risk.

    The page has more than 12,500 followers and has dozens of photos and comments revealing the number-plates of unmarked police cars.

    A News Limited report says Facebook has refused a police request to remove the page, saying it cannot stop people taking photos in public places.

  5. BHP's expansion plans spark concerns for reef

    Environmentalists say plans to explore for oil just five kilometres from Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef will affect the health of marine life in the region.

    It is part of BHP Billiton's efforts to expand its $1.7 billion Pyrnenees project, which began producing oil in 2010.

    The Department of Environment says it is assessing the proposal to determine whether it will have a significant impact on the World Heritage-listed reef.

    But World Wildlife Fund WA director Paul Gamblin says it is highly likely the exploration will affect marine life on the reef.
    Ningaloo is becoming increasingly an oil and gas destination, a Mecca for oil and gas, whereas it's one of the world's last healthy coral reefs and it needs to be fully protected."
    BHP is proposing to create a whole lot of very intense underwater noise, seismic activity, which can disturb blue whales, humpback whales, turtles, and other animals that use this area," he said.

    "It's a marine superhighway."