Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thousands gather for Kimberley concert

Thousands gather for Kimberley concert

Dr Brown said the large crowd was "a powerful message from Melbourne to Canberra".
Former Broome local James Psembi, 21, said he was pleased to see "Broome-related news trickle down to Melbourne".

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  1. How things change over time.
    (or how much of what we hear turns out to be bullsh*t)


    Mr Voelte told an international conference in China earlier this year that Browse was best described in four words: scarcity, size, security and simplicity. "It is one of the very few large undeveloped gas resources outside the Middle East or Russia, making it both scarce and valuable," he said.

    Browse already has the potential to be Australia's second North West Shelf development and it is still relatively unexplored. The Browse reservoirs in general are expected to be supplying LNG customers from the middle of next decade.



    UBS analyst Gordon Ramsay believes Woodside is underpriced, despite its shares surging to a high of A$39.39 (US$28.72) in December on the back of a 15-year sales deal for its Pluto field, off the coast of Western Australia. News of the deal, which strongly increases the chances of Pluto getting a go-ahead in mid-2007, prompted Mr. Ramsay to lift his Woodside target price to A$44.11 from A$38.13. The stock closed Thursday at A$38.90.
    Over the next six months, Mr. Voelte will aim to boost Pluto's estimated 3.5 trillion cubic feet of gas to four-to-five trillion cubic feet, Mr. Hirjee said. Second in line behind Pluto is Woodside's 50%-owned Browse venture, further offshore, which could come on line in 2012 if it secures customers in Asia and the U.S.

    Woodside also owns one-third of the US$5 billion Sunrise field, in the Timor Sea, where work has stalled because of a long-running border dispute between Australia and East Timor.



    By setting Pluto a goal to come on-stream by 2010 with a production of 5-7 miilon tonnes per annum, Voelte has put the project into the expected demand window.

    Nor does this new project conflict with the company's Browse Basin appraisal/development plans for up to 14 million tonnes a year of LNG with an on-stream date of 2013. Both can run in parallel.
    The Otway development is small compared to Woodside's massive undertakings in Western Australia, but it still carries the Voelte stamp of getting things done.



    Earlier Mr Voelte regaled the crowd with tales from his job interview with then-Woodside chairman Charles Goode and Mr Goode's suggestion the Nebraskan "Australianise" his full name of Donald Rudolph Voelte Jr.

    Mr Voelte joked about the height difference to the taller Mr Goode, saying he had to poke the chairman in the stomach to announce his presence when they first met, while Mr Goode suggested Mr Voelte drop the hobbies "hunting" and "car racing" from his public CV.

    Mr Voelte, having handed over the chief executive reins to Peter Coleman on Monday, leaves Woodside at the end of this month.
    If it flies, it dies. DON VOELTE on plans to go on a hunting expedition upon returning to his native Nebraska