Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Woodside signs deal with Japan Bank | News.com.au

Woodside signs deal with Japan Bank | News.com.au:

 "Under the agreement Woodside and JBIC will hold periodic discussions relating to Woodside's future LNG developments and JBIC will consider providing financial support for those potential developments as well as creating opportunities for Japanese companies to participate in Woodside's future LNG developments," the company said.

Japan Bank for International Cooperation states on their web site: (JBIC) has made a new start as a policy financing institution wholly owned by the Japanese government. JBIC provides policy-based finance with a mission to contribute to the sound development of Japan and the international economy and society.

Everyone should be encourage to write to this company and inform them that any movement to finance Woodside proposed development at JJP,  Walmadan will be a great waste of money given the fact that IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN. 



  1. From what I can see JBIC put $1.5 billion into Pluto - total cost $15 billion.

    "The oil and gas producer said the memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed to support Japan's requirement for stable and long-term energy supplies."

    Japan will be looking at an LNG price well below the one Woodside want.

    "The agreement comes after Woodside last week struck an agreement with Daewoo International Corporation for a production sharing contract in Burma, the first time the oil and gas producer will operate in deep water off Burma."

    The game has changed - competitive pricing.

  2. Someone had to be the first - just happened to be the Russians.

    Oct 31 (LNGJ) - The 150,000 cubic metres capacity "Ob River " LNG carrier, previously known as "Clean Power", has become the first LNG vessel to sail through the Russian Arctic Northern Sea Route. It sailed in ballast from South Korea to Western Europe and covered the NSR part of the voyage in just six days. It is currently chartered by Russia's Gazprom Marketing & Trading and the aim of the voyage of the "Ob River" was to collect data and verify the technical and commercial viability of the NSR for LNG trading.

  3. Woodside Browse off to Manchester.

    WOODSIDE’S senior vice-president in charge of the Browse LNG project will travel to London next month to meet UK oil and gas suppliers at a conference in Manchester.
    The conference will include a session called “LNG Australia – future investments and opportunities”.

    EIC said the session would identify the issues in delivering the seven projects currently under construction.

    Woodside senior vice-president Browse LNG development Dr Michael Hession will be a panellist.

    “Woodside has a contracting strategy to drive competition, innovation and risk sharing,” Hession said.

    “We have engaged tier one contractors who are best-in-class in delivering mega-projects like Browse and now look forward to engaging with suppliers in the UK at EIC Connect.”

    Shell vice-president of contracting and procurement Paul Massih will lead a plenary session to open the event.