Friday, December 7, 2012


Rally: Saturday 8 December 2012

The Broome community is again rallying to celebrate the priceless environment and heritage of Walmadany (James Price Point), the controversial site of a proposed LNG processing hub by Woodside Energy, 50 kms north of Broome.

The rally, which is expected to be attended by large numbers of Broome residents will begin in Chinatown at 3.30 pm and culminate at Town Beach with music, food and speakers. Other rallies will be held in Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Melbourne and Newcastle, an indication of growing national support for the protection of this part of the Kimberley coastline, an area which has heritage-listed dinosaur trackways, Indigenous cultural sites and is part of the renowned Lurujarri Heritage Trail. 

Despite intense pressure from WA Premier Colin Barnett to fast-track the project and ongoing exploratory works by Woodside, including a recent attempt to disturb registered heritage sites in the coastal dunes, the Broome Community remains adamant that the processing plant should not be built on the Kimberley coast.

Spokesperson Robyn Wells stated, “This community is determined to ensure that this invaluable part of the coastline is protected. Walmadany is part of the living culture of this region, for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people; it has been a proposed Reserve for Conservation and Aboriginal Heritage for decades; we will continue to celebrate it and protect it. There are alternatives to onshore gas processing in the Kimberley.”


  1. Monday 10 December 2012

    20 years since Paul Keating's Redfern Speech.

    Eddie Mabo's daughter, Gail, will read Paul Keating's historic Redfern speech at an anniversary celebration in Sydney.

    1. Monday is also Human Rights day.

  2. Where in Perth, and what time, is the gas hub rally of 8 Dec12?