Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Woodside issues warning about blowouts

Woodside Petroleum has warned further cost blowouts in the oil and gas industry could harm investment.

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  1. Resources companies have resorted to housing workers on boats as Pilbara's accommodation crisis worsens.

    Known in the industry as "boatels", three boats are moored in Onslow's Beadon Creek with workers living aboard.

    The three 75m catamarans can house 124 people.

    The Shire of Ashburton, the local government authority responsible for Onslow, has no jurisdiction over the boats because Beadon Creek and waters directly off Onslow are the responsibility of the Department of Transport.

    Shire president Kerry White said though three boats were not a big concern, the council was powerless to stop dozens of boatels potentially mooring in the creek long-term.

    "My concern is that one day, there will be dozens of boatels and no room left for locals to enjoy the creek," she said.

    "We're such a small population here that often we get overrun by what the big resource companies want."

    Ms White said the council had requested the department consult locals before allowing more boats.

    A Department of Transport spokesman said it tried to work with local authorities in assessing future applications.

    "As the harbour manager, the department controls the berthing and mooring of all vessels at Beadon Creek to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the harbour," he said.
    "A consultation with the Shire of Ashburton occurs throughout the process."