Monday, December 3, 2012

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Media Release
Monday 3 December 2012

Call on EPA to withdraw new Woodside
gas hub application

The WA EPA is currently considering an application from Woodside to avoid any specific environmental assessment of its proposed ‘foundation’ LNG plant at James Price Point.

Conservation groups have written to the EPA* requesting that Woodside’s application be withdrawn or rejected because the company has clearly failed to comply with the EPA’s requirements as set out in its recent strategic assessment report on the proposed multi-user gas hub.

WA State Coordinator for the Wilderness Society, Peter Robertson, said Woodside’s request that its 25 million tonnes per annum LNG plant be declared a 'derived proposal' by the EPA would, if successful, mean no public scrutiny of the project.

"In Report 1444 the EPA stated clearly and repeatedly that Woodside would need to provide detailed environmental information and show how they consulted with stakeholders before making this derived proposal request and they have failed to do so," said Mr Robertson.

"The EPA has no choice but to withdraw the obviously rushed and incomplete proposal from advertising until Woodside complies with the EPA's previous ruling," Mr Robertson said.

Environs Kimberley Director Martin Pritchard said that WA Premier Colin Barnett had promised in Parliament in August 2011 that Woodside’s foundation project would have to undergo a full environmental assessment process.

"The Premier needs to follow through on his statement in parliament and make sure that the public and independent scientists have a chance to look at this properly and not just allow Woodside to ride roughshod over EPA recommendations," said Mr Pritchard.
FOI documents obtained by the groups show that the Premier’s Department of State Development has been pushing the EPA to sign off on any ‘derived proposal’ application.

Media contacts
Peter Robertson 0409 089 020
Martin Pritchard 0427548075

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  1. It be traitors we are - aaarrgghhh

    Barnett and Unions agree on something -

    Anyone who supports FLNG is a traitor - aaarrrgghhh

    In news which will breed incredulity for Western Australian readers, state Premier Colin Barnett and unions are in total agreement on the prospect of floating LNG playing a larger role in developing offshore fields.

    According to The West Australian, unions are calling anybody who supports the idea of FLNG “traitors”.

    “The role of governments and ministers like Martin Ferguson is to build wealth for the country and build skills that take the country to a better future,” the paper quoted Australian Manufacturing Workers Union state secretary Steve McCartney as saying.

    “Anyone who supports floating is a traitor to their country.”

    The unions repeated criticism of the concept from Barnett, mainly that any future FLNG vessel would almost entirely be built offshore, as the Prelude FLNG vessel is now.


    Woodside claims it is comfortable with the security situation surrounding the Leviathan field off the coast of Israel, a reminder of just how tension-filled the region can be floated in overnight from the Associated Press.

    It said Cyprus was set to play negotiator in a long-running dispute over offshore resources between Israel and Lebanon.

    Both Lebanon and Israel claim a small maritime area of about, with the dispute holding up ratification of exclusive economic zones between Israel, Lebanon and Cyprus.

    However, it appears Cyprus may be trying to speed things up.

    “We are already involved in this sort of thing to help as much as we can,” the news wire quoted Department of Energy director Solon Kassinis as saying.

    The dispute is thought to be holding up a deal signed between Cyprus and Lebanon in 2007 and a subsequent deal agreed to by Israel and Cyprus in 2010.

    For Cyprus, solving the dispute is something of a pressing issue.

    “Neither Cyprus nor Lebanon have this money today,” Kassinis said