Tuesday, December 18, 2012

EPA approves first derived proposal for Browse LNG development

How absurd, ironic and totally hypocritical that the Western Australian government is promoting the celebration of  ‘champions’ of community and heritage while it actively pursues a relentless  campaign against opposition to the proposed development at James Price Point. Whilst the Western Australian government’s initiative to encourage communities to celebrate ‘outstanding achievements that elevate the value of heritage in Western Australia’ is to be commended, it is only rhetoric. 

The community involved with James Price Point has endured a vilification campaign and accusations of terrorism while they have pursued scientific, cultural, and social data to support  the  protection of the already  well documented and recognised living heritage that has survived and been maintained despite the best efforts of previous and current governmental policies.

There is a need for recognition of communities and tireless individual campaigners who at great personal and economic cost continue to resist the machinations of corporations and corrupt governments who bastardise the process to the detriment of cultural and environmental heritage. 

With the announcement of the EPA’s approval of the development at James Price Point as a derived proposal, (thus halting any further environmental and cultural assessments), the Government and associated agencies are highlighting the reality that community sensibilities and cultural and environmental considerations are the least celebrated component of the current governments land grab mentality.

The Environmental Protection Authority has declared Woodside Energy Ltd's proposal to develop the Liquefied Natural Gas plant at James Price Point, 60 km north of Broome, a derived proposal.

The Department of State Development's strategic proposal, recently approved by Environment Minister Bill Marmion, allowed for multiple LNG users to be co-located on a single site, avoiding a number of LNG processing sites to spread along the coast and in more sensitive parts of the Kimberley.

The strategic proposal also allowed the consideration of the cumulative environmental impacts of future proposals, known as derived proposals.

The approval conditions apply to the overall precinct and relevant approval conditions will apply to specific derived proposals within the precinct.

EPA Chairman Dr Paul Vogel and Deputy Chairman Professor Robert Harvey have determined that the proposal fits within the strictly defined precinct footprint and could be declared a derived proposal.

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WOODSIDE'S controversial liquefied natural gas plant at James Price Point has cleared another regulatory hurdle. Environmental Protection Authority chairman Paul Vogel announced today that the company's 25 million tonne a year plant fit within the ...

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  1. While it seems there is no chance of the plant being built at JPP,there is the danger of the "Bunker Mentality" overpowering Woodside and Barnett.

    In "the perfect world of the office" anything is possible.And there are a few very big offices in this.Look how Chevron convinced themselves that saving a billion in pipelines by building on Barrow Island was a good enough reason to give it the go ahead.

    Bunkered down in their flash office away from the hard reality the people who have to actually build these things endure,a rush of blood could carry the day.It becomes all too easy to say "YES".

    It wouldn't be too much of a stretch of the immagination to see how we could wind up with a giant f*ck up kicking off at JPP mid next year.

    Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.