Thursday, December 13, 2012

NOITT - James Price Point - Ad in today's West



    13 December 2012
    The Listing Manager
    Australian Securities Exchange Ltd
    Level 4, Stock Exchange Centre
    20 Bridge Street
    SYDNEY NSW 2000
    Dear Sir/Madam
    Award of Supply Base Contract with INPEX
    The Directors of Mermaid Marine Australia Limited (MMA) are pleased to announce the award of a contract by INPEX to MMA's 50% owned subsidiary Toll Mermaid Logistics Broome Pty Ltd (TMLB), for the provision of services at the Company's Broome Supply Base.
    TMLB is an incorporated Joint Venture between MMA and Toll Holdings Limited (Toll) which was established in 2006 to provide supply base services in Broome in support of the offshore oil and gas activities in the Browse Basin region.
    The contract is for an initial five year term, with two 5 year extension options. Under the contract TMLB will develop dedicated infrastructure and provide various
    services at its Broome Supply Base to support the development drilling activities for the
    INPEX operated Ichthys LNG Project.
    The contract value is approximately A$20 million for the firm period with further upside should the options be exercised.


    HAhaha so much for Barnett and Point Torment,"Most of the $750 million will be paid by Inpex."

    Sh*t! Thats twice now Inpex has snubbed Barnett,he just doesn't get it.

  2. This goes to show how the ongoing lack of management talent is costing Australia big time - and this goes back through history - of course they blame the workers every time they stuff up.

    Gorgon power problems

    Workers building the giant Gorgon LNG project have raised fresh concerns about productivity pushes there after power outages and a lack of supervisors left some staff unable to complete their work, the Australian Financial Review reports.

    The paper reports several workers saying parts of the Gorgon site were closed on Tuesday due to power outages.

    Staff were also stranded for some time on their worksite due to a lack of supervisors able to escort them back to their crib huts.

    The AFR understands workers spent up to three hours of the working day in their crib huts or rest areas before finally returning to their accommodation units at 5pm.

    This news comes hot on the heels of a report that Leighton Contractors had issued an order to workers on the Gorgon project telling them not to sit down during their shift unless their roles required it in a bid to boost productivity.

    Productivity issues are at the root of the $9 billion blowout at the project that Chevron announced last week.


    Chevron’s standing orders

    No sitting down on the job is the standing order to workers on the $US52 ($A49.6) billion Gorgon LNG project in an attempt to improve productivity on site, the Australian Financial Review reports.

    Leighton Contractors, the paper reports, has issued a memo to staff that says: “Labour is not allowed to sit down during normal working, unless their duties require.

    “Labour is allowed to sit down during normal working hours in the approved shade huts for short rest breaks and hydration.

    “Full crews are not allowed in the shade hut, only one at a time so work can always continue on site”.

    The AFR also says Leighton will monitor the amount of time workers take to walk around the site to make sure they are not dallying.

    Chevron last week blamed poor productivity on the site on remote Barrow Island as one of the main reasons for the cost blowout on the project.

    Costs have grown to $US52 billion from the $US37 billion estimate announced when the project got the go ahead in 2009.


    'nuff said.

    1. Bet the people monitoring the workers do it sitting down.ha what a joke.