Sunday, December 9, 2012

Music icons in beach gas hub protest - The West Australian

2012 No Gas Rally

Updated 7 hours ago · Taken in Broome, Western Australia
Young people protecting their future.At 41 degrees a great mob of dedicated people gathered at Male Oval in Broome this afternoon for the 2012 No Gas Rally that made its way to Town Beach! Lots of fantastic music, speeches, videos and stalls at Town Beach :-) Thank you to everyone who made this great event a success. Nowhere else but here xxx

Music icons in beach gas hub protest - The West Australian:
Protesters gather at Cottesloe beach. Picture: Iain Gillespie/The West Australian
Despite approval from the State’s environmental watchdog last month, opposition to the development has been fierce.

Protesters have raised concerns about damage to the coastline, dinosaur footprints and marine life.

Today’s event was part of a national day of action against the development, which included a rally in Broome, a picnic in Melbourne and gatherings in Hobart and NSW.

Higgins said the huge crowd gathered at the Cottesloe Beach highlighted how many people were against the gas hub.


  1. Anyone who braved the 42 degree heat had to be fully committed and deserves all our thanks for doing so on behalf of all those who couldn't,for whatever reason.

    Thankyou and much respect.

  2. Strange as it may seem given our situation here,tomorrow marks 20 years since Paul Keating,then Prime Minister,made this speech on the Block in Redfern.

    You can listen to his speech here.