Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Class National Park designed around a Copper Mine

Can’t figure out how Pegasus have been able to lay straight in bed when making this statement, Pegasus Metals Limited is pleased to advise that its McLarty Range Copper Project sits outside the boundary of the WA Government’s proposed Class A national park in the Kimberley region and therefore will not be affected by the plan. The proposed park, which includes Horizontal Falls at Talbot Bay, comprises the area set aside by the WA Government when it created a Mining Act Section 19 Exemption Area over the Horizontal Falls in December last year.

The only reason that E04/1441  sits outside the park is that the government created the park around E04/1441 and that their application for E04/2267 inside the park applied for on 23/11/2012 is still pending.

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