Sunday, February 17, 2013

When you spin the spin the spin is spun

Woodside's Perth Office front windows

For Woodside to stoop to such depraved measures in their new PR campaign shows clear signs of a company whose brand is no longer convincing or trusted. For Peter Coleman to put himself up alongside the great visionaries of our history stoops to an egotistical maniac. 

The delusions of grandeur that obviously Peter is clearly suffering from is tainted with the messiah syndrome given the fact that he is claiming to be doing it all in our best interests.

Woodside will never be granted their social licence to operate and if they have not got this message loud and clear then they are either deaf, dumb and blind.   To claim ownership and treating community as a commodity is steeped in arrogance and ignorance. If this new PR campaign by Woodside is to win the hearts and minds of people then Woodside first needs to mend the broken hearts and tormented minds they have created since they have invaded our small community, of Broome.If Woodside claims that they are integrating into a community then why do they find it necessary to incarcerate their workers in fortified enclaves and have security drones to ensure their safety. 

Peter, if you wish to place yourself in the high echelons of history Redhand suggests that you leave this incomprehensibly dangerous proposal and see it for what it is, a very bad idea. Only when you pull the plug will you gain the type of credibility you so desire. History will only remember you if you did this otherwise you will be seen for what you are, a corporate whore.


  1. Gas hub future unclear after native title dispute

    The Kimberley gas hub is facing further uncertainty, with the State Government to face competing native title claims over the site.

    For 15 years, the Jabirr Jabirr and the Goolarabooloo people have had a joint native title claim over the gas hub land, north of Broome.

    Two years ago, they signed a deal to allow Woodside and the State Government to build the LNG precinct.

    But the Goolarabooloo families remain fiercely opposed to the project and, after a two-day meeting in Broome, have convinced the group to discontinue the joint claim.

    The expectation is that two separate claims would then be filed: a Jabirr Jabirr Peoples Native Title Claim and a Goolarabooloo Families Native Title Claim.

    The implications for the land deal already struck are not clear, but if the new claims are successfully registered, the Government would be legally required to negotiate land access with both groups.

    Kimberley Land Council chief executive Nolan Hunter says the council will prepare the court documents to seek the discontinuance of the claim, but would not be able to act for either of the two separate groups.


    So I guess the "Illegal Signing" at JPP and the "Greatest Act of Self Determination" signing in Perth can now be hung on Barnett's dunny wall and he can wipe his big fat arse in them,and flush them down his royal dunny.

    Bergman and his cronies can do likewise with their Monopoly money and go hide under a rock somewhere.

    More to come no doubt.

    Can't someone just put this f*cked up monstrosity out of it's misery.
    Bury it,have the funeral and finished?

  2. The hubris is breathtaking! Here we have Coleman, whose main brief is to "maximise shareholder value", daring to compare himself with the likes of King, Churchill and Curie. I can only presume that he thinks some quality will rub off by association with these illustrious historical figures. It's downright sleazy.

    When corporations resort to PR campaigns you know they are feeling the heat. We will now see a round of the usual claptrap about how green they are, what wonderful corporate citizens they are and how much they CARE.

    Considering the Broome community has found out first hand what Woodside coming to town REALLY means, it's enough to make you sick.

  3. First reaction,it's laughable,Coleman looks like an idiot.

    Second reaction,it's not easy trying to stomache this sh^t.

    Third reaction,Woodside are a company of dog t#rds.

    Fourth reaction,throw up.

  4. An "oil and gas insider" on Geoff Hutchinson this morning,talking about cost blowouts on projects after the $150 million Muja coal fired power station refit blew out by $100 million.

    Barnett is looking at major blowouts on Elizebeth Quay and the Stadium at Burswood.

    But in a shocker for the 3 train Gorgon project on Barrow Island he said,"I have just come from a meeting where the cost of Gorgon,which started at around $30 billion,has now gone to $58 billion.And there are more cost blowouts to come".


    No wonder they can't afford 0.2 of a per cent to fund training.

    The Chamber of Minerals and Energy has hit out at a National Party plan to impose a levy on the construction of resources projects saying it would add to the sector's rising challenges.

    The Nationals want to end the exemption resources projects receive on a levy of point-two of a per cent on construction projects worth more than $20,000.

    Money raised from the levy goes into the Construction Industry Training Fund.

    The chamber's Director Nicole Roocke says it would endanger future resources projects.

    Nope cant afford to fund training when your spending $50 or $60 billion no way.