Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Broome Community No Gas Radio Adds


  1. You guys seem to know a bit about this stuff, woodsides share price is back up to 38 bucks, who in the hell is buying their shares? They got the very expensive one magic train at pluto, that will run out of gas to process. No deal yet at sunrise. Going into treacherous waters in isreal. Gave investers a timline for browse gas prodution of 2017...Yeah right!! Plus all the other dumb stuff they do, that ive failed to mention. Anyone?

  2. Woodside have been trading between $30 and $36 for ages.
    The spike coincided with a share market rise and their Annual Report which predicted they would lift their oil output this year,that made everyone happy,briefly.The dividend was US$0.65.So their share price spiked $3 ,which has come all the way down and finished today back at $36.20,(- 0.140 for the day).

    Trading volume on the way up to $39 was average,about 2 - 3 million a day,the volume only went up when the price was falling back,up to 8 million when it was back to $37,then back to the 2 million + average where it finished today.

    Woodside shares quite often spike and fall back again,this is mainly blamed on Shell who may decide to sell their remaining $7 billion,24%,stake at any time.
    The range for the last 52 weeks is $30.09 - $39.21.

    Woodside has a market cap of $29,825,565,783.
    Issued shares 823,910,657.
    The share price in February 2009 was $32.

    Shareholders are generally unhappy with the share price and Woodside are considered under achievers.

    Don Voelte left Coleman 3 major problems to sort out;

    1/The worlds most expensive train,Pluto,with no gas for a 2nd.(usually reserves are proved up before going ahead,the Don gambled and lost).

    2/The worlds worst site for a gas plant,JPP,and he insisted on Draconian conditions to the leases so as to force the JV partners to rush in to a JPP decision.A time and money waster.

    3/Voelte insulted,abused,cheated and lied to the East Timorese to such a degree that Coleman will have to spend a whole lot of time,and perhaps many sweeteners,to get them just to listen to him on Greater Sunrise.Woodside stink,and the stench is getting worse not better.

    So who buys their shares?

    A few sheep who thought they might make a buck.
    But tough luck nothing doing.

    "Woodside Petroleum Ltd is at this time traded for 36.20 on Australian Securities Exchange of Australia. This company stock is not elastic to its hype. The average elasticity to hype of competition is 0.0. Woodside Petroleum Ltd is anticipated not to react to the next headline with price going to stay at about the same level and average media hype impact volatility of 0.0%. The immediate return on the next news is anticipated to be very small where as daily expected return is at this time at 0.32%. The volatility of relative hype elasticity to Woodside is about 0.0%%. The volatility of related hype on Woodside is about 0.0% with expected price after next announcement by competition of 36.2. Book value of the company was at this time as 16.39. The company has Price/Earnings To Growth (PEG) ratio of 1.59."




    Labour costs twice that of the US, says KBR boss

    Date: 25/02/2013
    Words: 358
    Source: SMH

    Publication: Sydney Morning Herald
    Section: Business
    Page: 3

    THE boss of one of the world's largest engineering companies, KBR, has for the second time in a year railed against the cost of labour in Australia and its impact on starting major projects, claiming the cost of employing a worker in Australia was double that of an American.
    The KBR chairman and chief executive, William Utt, said the future of large Australian energy projects in particular, such as Woodside Petroleum's $40 billion-plus Browse liquefied natural gas project and Gorgon, would rest heavily on these ballooning labour costs with Australia now at a point of "reset".

    "In terms of what we see changed in the last six months, I think we've seen a recognition across the space in Australia that the cost to build an LNG project has gotten very expensive," Mr Utt told analysts during KBR's earnings update last week. "And I think Australia is at a point of reset."

    Last year, Mr Utt warned US investors of a "very high cost situation in Australia" when it came to liquefied natural gas projects and, although Australia was blessed with natural resources, it also faced a number of cost disadvantages that made other regions, such as East Africa, more attractive to do business in.

    Last week, he pushed home that argument, saying Australian workers cost double that of their US peers.

    "As we look at the US market, we can get craft labour all in at about $US50 [$48.46] an hour nominally, and that includes the burdens and benefits. And if you look at Australia, that cost is about $US108 an hour.

    "So it's more than double what we're seeing for labour. And then when you factor an 85 per cent productivity inefficiency in Australia, the cost of building things gets very, very expensive very quickly relative to the US and relative to other areas."

    KBR has roughly 27,000 employees in over 70 countries working across five continents. One of the world's largest engineering, procurement and construction companies, its directors include former Telstra chief Frank Blount.

    The company has been involved in the north-west shelf project Gorgon and is seeking to work on Browse, along with further work on the $14.9 billion Pluto project.

    1. Reset,what reset?

      No prices are coming down are they.

      FIFO damage isn't getting any less.

      Maybe Abbott has promised them visas full of pay loopholes,yeah that must be it.