Saturday, February 16, 2013

Report: Off the Charts: Extreme Australian summer heat - Climate Commission

While sweltering in another extended heat period we can read reports on climate change and how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions but our federal and state governments keep approving more LNG greenfeilds, more CSG projects and coal mining that is to be exported to burn elsewhere on the planet. Spewing more greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere and thousands of gas wells being drilled all over Australia with their burning off flares that emit alarming levels of methane! You really wonder who are the fools here....
Report: Off the Charts: Extreme Australian summer heat - Climate Commission:
 The length, extent and severity of the current Australian heatwave is unprecedented in the measurement record.
Although Australia has always had heatwaves, hot days and bushfires, climate change is increasing the risk of more frequent and longer heatwaves and more extreme hot days, as well as exacerbating bushfire conditions.
Climate change has contributed to making the current extreme heat conditions and bushfires worse.
Good community understanding of climate change risks is critical to ensure we take appropriate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to put measures in place to prepare for, and respond to, extreme weather.

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  1. That is good illustration in the map. Australia is hit by hot temperature.