Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Society’s central values and our sustainable sensibilities.

It is so great to see all the little bush fires starting up all over the country and I am not taking fire with flames. I am talking about the flames within the hearts of Australian communities igniting by one share common vision. To protect: our water, retain our air quality and to shape strong healthy communities for the future of our children. 
The oil and gas corporations are so scared of their profit margins because the raising awareness and current impacts being experienced across the planet with climate change. So afraid are they, that they have planted their foot on the execrator of ravenousness greed and press down on the extermination  button in order to get as much, as quickly as possible before the people catch on to their hidden devious plans of gang raping the planet. 
What people are seeing currently in Australia is the grass roots development of a national movement. A moment that is growing out of all the local regional struggles whether is about saving forests, stopping GCS and preserving our water tables, or desperately trying to save the Great Barrier Reef, halting coal mines or trains, saving and protecting the whales or stopping a proposal for a massive LNG refineries being build, the fights, the tactics, the inferences and platitudes are all the same. 
We are linking up by supporting and sharing information, knowledge and experience. This Movement is increasing in momentum and together we are advocating for our society’s central values and our sustainable sensibilities

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  1. Is there a blogspot where all these groups post to?

    An interesting page :



    Last night an anti fraccing ad on the tv.
    Frac free WA.

    From the CCWA,I think.



    And of course No Fracking Way.



    You might have all this in your video but getting a Flash Player sign even though I have the latest version.


    Very flash celeb site,but very good.

    "The coming crisis : Welcome to humanities final performance"