Friday, February 22, 2013

Tony Burke is called upon to call a PUBLIC INQUIRY

One more way for you to help the Broome Community ‘no gas’ Campaign:  Help get signatures on the Petition to Tony Burke, Federal Minister for the Environment, which asks him to hold a Public Inquiry into the assessment of the LNG Precinct at James Price Point. The BCNG Campaign is extremely concerned about the State Government processes to date;  we have not had an opportunity to express our views about this project, and we are really worried about the social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts on Broome. We need to tell Tony Burke to hold a PUBLIC INQUIRY  into how this project has been assessed by the State Government.

This is not an online petition it requires people to sign the petition, send the signed copies to us and we will have them tabled in the Federal Parliament in the House of Representatives.

The Commonwealth State Strategic Assessment Agreement –Relating to the assessment of the impacts of actions under the Plan for the Browse Basin Common User Liquefied Natural Gas Hub Precinct and associated activities- was signed 6th February, 2008. 

The State Government determined in December 2008 that the precinct would be located at James Price Point-Walmadany. Part of the requirements of the Strategic Assessment included investigation and report by the State Government into alternative options for LNG processing outside the Kimberley (piping to the Pilbara; piping to Darwin; Floating LNG or not doing it all). 

The State Government has not done this, relying instead on a Commonwealth report. Further it can be argued that Traditional Owners have not given informed consent and the community consultation within the Broome community has been extremely poor.

Under the EPBC Act the Minister for Environment can establish a public inquiry; this is not the case where a Strategic Assessment Agreement is in place, however given the above, it may be that the Agreement is invalid or flawed and therefore the Minister may have the capacity to hold a Public Inquiry. 

This petition will require the Minister to determine if the Agreement terms have been met and then consider whether a Public Inquiry should be established.

Photocopy the petition page and take it round your friends and workplaces. People who sign the petition need to write their name, address and signature. This information will not be used for any other purpose. Only original signatures on the petition as written will be accepted.
Please send signed pages to:
C/- P.O. BOX 1232 BROOME WA 6725
And mark the envelope ‘PETITION’

All signed pages will be forwarded to the House of Representatives to be tabled in Parliament, date to be advised.  If you have any queries in relation to this petition pls email

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