Thursday, September 13, 2012


The Opposition Leader Mark McGowan says the Premier has overseen a series of failings on the issue. "You have threatened commercial interests, you have threatened Indigenous people, you have torn the community of Broome apart," he said. "You have had an environmental process which has been an outrageous corruption of what was the intended process when the EPA was set up." THE BROOME COMMUNITY CONTINUES TO TELL THE PREMIER "TO BUGGER OFF"


  1. There was lot's of corruption,the like of which we are seeing now,to rush this through - destroying Aboriginal Heritage sites along the way.

    Now look where they are.

    Fortescue Metals shares crashed this afternoon after reports emerged the company is trying to reach a deal with its lenders to waive its debt covenants for a year.

    Fortescue shares plunged as much as 15 per cent after the Australian Financial Review reported the company was seeking debt relief from its lenders, as a fall in iron ore prices crunched the company’s profit margins.

  2. God knows how long this can continue?

    The forecast, which would amount to $9.5 billion over the period, would add to the utility's already burgeoning net debt of $4.6 billion.

    It would also compound the Government's record debt bill, which has blown out to $15.2 billion and is projected to rocket to about $23 billion in the Budget out years.

    On the eve of the 2008 State election, State debt stood at less than $4 billion.
    Shadow water minister Fran Logan queried how the corporation planned to spend almost $10 billion in the next 10 years.
    He warned that if such an amount was spent, it would lead to massive rises in water bills.

    To go With our massive power bills.


    Barnett has banked on conventional gas (LNG exports),Woodside has said unconventional gas will not worry them - but hows this:

    In just a few years,and it's just winding up,unconventional gas worldwide is now a $100 billion market.

    Going to put a dent in someone,somewhere.