Monday, September 10, 2012

Geoffrey Cousins slams James Price Point gas dealing as 'corrupt' | The Australian

Geoffrey Cousins slams James Price Point gas dealing as 'corrupt' | The Australian:
From: The Australian
September 10, 2012 12:00AM

DEALINGS between Woodside and the West Australian government over the $40 billion James Price Point gas hub should be investigated by a royal commission, businessman Geoffrey Cousins said yesterday.

Mr Cousins said, in his view, the relationship smacked of "corruption" similar to dealings between Gunns and the Tasmanian government for a pulp mill in that state.


  1. "The Loonyjoomarrd Tree" (Loon...Joom...ard)
    (describes native burial on Dampier Peninsula land)Wrote it years ago....hope you enjoy.
    (C)by Swampy

    Some Day mother earth
    You’ll take me home
    Reclaimin me
    And my achin bones

    When my time comes
    and you’ve set me free
    You can lay me down
    by the Loonyjoomard tree

    I’ll see that it blossoms
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    Oh, web of life
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    Remember people
    When you walk mother earth
    She’s waited patiently
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    The hunter and gatherer
    These lands they’ve roamed
    she`s been traversed
    she`s never been owned

    Oh creator spirit
    Awaken in me
    The peace and the power
    Of Aboriginality.

    1. You have captured the peace and the power just right,great.


    08-Sep-2012 Intellasia | Platts | 7:01 AM

    Competition from lower-cost LNG in North America and East Africa will favour the expansion of existing LNG projects in and around Australia over costly new developments, Bernstein Research analysts said Thursday.

    “Costs and competition will favour brownfield LNG expansions over greenfield projects going forward in Australia,” the analysts said.

    Oil Search was the most likely Australian LNG producer to expand its initial project, which is located at the Hides gas field in neighbouring Papua New Guinea, the analysts said.

    “With Pluto’s expansion largely off the table for Woodside and with Santos facing reserves challenges at Gladstone LNG, Oil Search looks more likely to move forward with the expansion of its initial footprint in PNG,” the analysts said in a report.
    The Bernstein analysts said they expect front end engineering design studies on Train 3 to commence next year, with a final investment decision by early 2014.

    “Oil Search will drill a highly prospective new petroleum system in the Gulf of Papua which could provide the resource base for Train 4, and potentially a train 5,” the analysts said.

    The Tangguh plant currently comprises two production trains able to produce 7.6 million tonnes of LNG a year. The third train, which reportedly will require a US$12 billion investment, will produce an additional 3.8 million tonnes a year for a total combined capacity of 11.4 million tonnes of LNG per annum (MTPA).


    FMG ‘Declassified’ Then Destroyed Yindjibarndi Heritage Sites

    .....A Memorandum to DIA Director General, Cliff Weeks, from DIA Compliance Officer James Cook describes FMG’s strategy in subverting WA heritage protection measures: “FMG’s compliance with the AHA has been variable. As FMG often work to tight timeframes, they often submit information relating to applications under section 18 at very late notice, resulting in insufficient time being given to the department to assess that information.”

    Despite clear evidence of the under-reporting, declassification, and destruction of sites, the Director General of DIA, Cliff Weeks, and the Minister of Indigenous Affairs, Peter Collier, acted against the advice of the ACMC and adopted a proposal put by FMG for addressing the problem of “declassified” sites. The documents reveal that they also ignored the ACMC’s recommendation that the Minister refuse to give his consent for FMG to continue with its development in the Solomon area until all sites had been properly identified and assessed for significance. Instead the Minister approved FMG’s application to destroy the sites it had reported, on condition that FMG undertake “a more detailed recording, excavation and analysis of the sites”.

    YAC’s In-House Legal Counsel, George Irving, said:

    “The Aboriginal Heritage Act protects all sites of significance to the Indigenous peoples of this State, unless and until the Minister gives his consent for their destruction. Under the Act, an assessment of the significance of any indigenous site, by the ACMC, is a pre-condition to the exercise of the Minister’s power to give such consent.

    It is apparent from the FOI documents that the ACMC has not been given reliable and relevant information by FMG about sites in the areas it wishes to develop; and, that a large number of sites have either not been reported to the ACMC or have been ‘declassified’ as sites.

    Although the decision made by the Minister requires additional ‘recording’ and ‘analysis’ of the sites that were reported by FMG before their destruction, the decision obviously precludes any possibility of the ACMC carrying out its statutory responsibility to assess the significance of those sites, and all other sites in FMG’s development area, because the Minister has already given his consent for the development to proceed. It seems clear that the interest of FMG, in extracting the mineral wealth from Yindjibarndi country, is more important to the Minister for Indigenous Affairs than Indigenous sites of significance in that country, which date back more than forty thousand years—that’s 35,000 years before Stonehenge.”.....

  4. Remember the woman who FMG wouldn't pay because her company had come up with a finding they didn't like?
    Bet this one got paid.

    The FOI documents also reveal that FMG avoided prosecution for destroying the sites by shifting the blame and responsibility on to a senior archaeologist, Rebecca Yit of Alpha Archaeology: “Fortescue does not deny that the impacting works were undertaken pursuant to, and in accordance with, Permits issued by Fortescue. Those Permits were issued on the basis of (incorrect) information provided by Rebecca Yit of Alpha Archaeology Pty Ltd (‘Alpha’).“