Sunday, September 16, 2012

Project X @ woodside compound at James Price Point


  1. Incest is best in the ACT and WA.

    There is growing criticism of the federal fisheries agency after it was found to have breached the Fisheries Act when it set catch limits in relation to the super trawler.

    The Commonwealth Ombudsman has found the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) failed to follow proper process when it allowed Seafish Tasmania director Gerry Geen to sit in on meetings setting the total allowable catch after he declared a conflict of interest.

    His presence has been a point of contention for recreational fishers and green groups who opposed his company's controversial super trawler, now called the Abel Tasman.

    Environmental scientist and trawler opponent Jonathon Neville has described the authority as incestuous.

  2. Interersting times continue.

    Today experts failed to find any Assange DNA on a torn condom he is alledged to have assaulted a Swedish woman with.Ths FEDS travel advice should include the info that in Europe France has the biggest condoms,and Greece the smallest.Sweden in the middle,thereby allowing the unwitting traveller to avoid such embarrasments.

    The US is steeling itself for a lot of trouble from Muslim countries far into the future.Any brief history of the US in these countries,and others,would explain why.Lookout allies.

    China is in turmoil,and it will not be straightened out any time soon.

    Price of lead set to rise.

    The Pentagon chief's trip coincides with an escalating row between Asia's two largest economies over an archipelago in the East China Sea administered by Tokyo under the name Senkaku and claimed by China under the name Diaoyu.

    Seven months of political scandal and intrigue have amplified doubts about the leadership's capability and willingness to tackle deepening structural and governance challenges.

    The dents in the party's previously shiny armour include the highest-level attempted defection in 40 years, a Politburo member's wife being convicted of murder, the president's key power broker reportedly being killed in a high-speed Ferrari crash (with two scantily clad female passengers) and a president-in-waiting who disappeared for a fortnight.

    And it's spreading.

    THE troubled Fortescue Metals Group is hostage to the iron ore price and ''in the lap of the gods,'' according to MineLife analyst Gavin Wendt, who tipped yesterday the company could be forced to sell assets including two more power stations, three airports, 11,000 accommodation units and $2.5 billion worth of mining equipment.

    ...But with house prices falling by 10 per cent and rentals down $400 a week, he admits there has been a sudden slowdown in the growth of the Pilbara town that has been at the epicentre of the boom.

    I think they mean bring in workers,pay them less,bring down Aussie workers pay,but give pollies and CEO's record pay rises.

    Increase taxes.

    Frac everything.

    Ungani ‘nearology’ set to drive bidding war
    Friday, 14 September 2012
    David Upton

    WESTERN Australia’s Department of Mines and Petroleum has set the stage for an acreage bidding war with the release of two permits on the Dampier Peninsula, less than 100km northwest of Buru’s Ungani discovery.
    (about 20 klms inland of JPP)

    And things just get worse,so much for the sugar hit for the Bulls.

    The prolonged boom in American corporate profits, which has far outpaced the gains in the broader economy since the end of the last recession, is faltering.

    As the third quarter draws to a close, the biggest American companies are expected to post their first quarterly decline in earnings since 2009, as sales growth ebbs.

    And everyone knows the only reason the Dow is up and the ASX in the doldrums is the truth about where all the stimulus and QE money wound up.