Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Probably the largest jellyfish bloom on earth."

Broome's quivering red sea - The West Australian:

Blooms were then rare until 2000, when the jellyfish appeared in "unbelievable numbers" , creating a "red band" from Rottnest all the way to up to Derby:

Thousands of big, quivering red jellyfish created a spectacle on Cable Beach yesterday.
Marine scientist James Brown, of Cygnet Bay, arrived with his sons about 6.15am to find the jellyfish, which had washed up overnight.
"They were very fresh, being pushed up by little swells that were rolling in," Mr Brown said.
Mr Brown, who set up the Kimberley Marine Research Institute at his Cygnet Bay pearl farm with fellow scientist Ali McCarthy, felt it important to record the phenomenon for further research.
He said globally, such blooms were of great interest to researchers, who were examining possible links between the blooms and effects of climate change.


  1. But where this time?

    $277M exploration spend ahead: Ferguson

    Andy Graham
    Thursday, 13 September 2012

    WOODSIDE and Shell are among the winners in the federal government’s latest round of offshore petroleum exploration permit grants.


    China gas dash
    Thursday, 13 September 2012

    THE vital signs of China’s economy may be faltering, but its gas demand projections remain unwavering. Even as it goes about securing overseas assets, key pricing reforms will have to be made at home to boost domestic production.


    Sept 13 (LNGJ) - PetroChina International Investment received confirmation from the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board that it has no objection to the Chinese company's takeover of Molopo Energy Ltd's coal-seam gas assets. The significance of the transaction is for Australian LNG developer, LNG Ltd, because PetroChina intends to deliver Molopo's equity gas to LNG Ltd's planned 3 million tonne per annum Fisherman's Landing LNG project, one of five centred around the Port of Gladstone.

  2. Jellyfish bloom. I'm sure it's Woodsides fault. Just like fuel price, McDonalds being in town, the Surfclub on the dunes, poor school attendance, petty theft, dugong deaths (we know how that happens). All Woodside Barnett Woodside Woodside Woodside.

    1. They are hopeless.
      I bet Coleman has a room at HQ with a mock up dummy of Voelte in it.
      Everyday he is in there with a baseball bat belting the shit out of it screaming,"why me?why me?"

      He can keep Barnett company in Graylands.

      Barnett ranting,"Who do you think you are to dare disobey an order I give? So this is what it has come to! The military has been lying to me. Everybody has been lying to me, even the SS! Our generals are just a bunch of contemptible, disloyal cowards... Our generals are the scum of the German people! Not a shred of honour! They call themselves generals. Years at military academy just to learn how to hold a knife and fork! For years, the military has hindered my plans! They've put every kind of obstacle in my way! What I should have done... was liquidate all the high-ranking officers, as Stalin did!"

    2. Broomers are saying that it is woodsides fault the cleaners at the Oaks are working overtime fixing all the wet beds.Must be quite a party going on eh?